I have found over the years that the biggest block to connecting with the spirits is fear or confusion over what happens when we die! This fear may be subconscious, in that we never really realised that we had it. Or we may have confused or mixed feelings about the after life, both in terms of what it means and how our loved ones are experiencing it. We may even be unsure that the after life exists at all, but simply hope that it does and that it`s a happy place!

Some people visit mediums in the hope of finding out, one way or another, if the after life exists. They hope to hear messages from loved ones that demonstrate beyond doubt that the medium is in touch with a loved one in spirit. I believe that when we seek proof, this can act as a block to contacting the spirit world. We have to contact the spirits with belief, and then they will be able to show us the proof. If we approach the spirits with scepticism and doubt, it is much harder to create a clear channel for the medium.


Do you believe in the after life? It`s ok to have your doubts, but if you have strong doubts, these will block your ability to connect with your loved ones. Believing, on some level, that there is somewhere that we go after we die is crucial if you`re to get in touch with the spirit world.

If you have doubts about the after life, what are they and where do they come from? Are your family and friends believers, or is the after life something they`d think was a little bit silly? Do you feel that you need proof, before you can believe? If you`re not entirely convinced about life after death, you need to talk through your doubts and how beneficial it is to believe, and the real reasons behind your doubts.


First and foremost, believing in the after life is a great comfort to almost everybody. It reassures us that love never dies, it merely changes form. Believing in the spirit world helps us to come to terms with the empty space in our lives that`s left when a loved one departs, and to a certain extent helps us fill up that empty space and ease our suffering, by utilising positive energy.

I firmly believe in the after life because I have been lucky in that I have had proof, and that proof was given to me by my son Andrew who we lost to cancer in 2009 at the age of just 31. He has been able to come through to me several times, because not only have I always believed! but I am able to give others proof, because of my ability to receive visions and information, although it doesn`t always come through when I want it to, or when I`m pressured by others. I practice meditation for that simple reason, it helps me to open the channels through relaxation.

It has been proven that believing in an after life helps the living cope emotionally with death, and helps the families of the lost to heal. We have doubts because we are afraid. We are afraid of looking or sounding silly, and we`re afraid of being made a fool of. We are afraid of wasting our time on something that isn`t real to others. I`ve found that none of these fears is worth giving the time of day to.

In the world we live in, we place a great emphasis on science and proof! If we can measure and prove something, we accept it as real. If we cannot, we have a tendancy to dismiss it. Until of course, the time comes when we have the tools to measure it. Then even doubters would become believers, after all is said and done, man used to think that the world was flat! until we had proof!

We live in an age where we can`t measure psychic energy, intuition or spiritual vibrations, but one day this will change. But right now we have to use our faith and listen to what our hearts tell us to be true. If you turn off all other distractions, what does your heart or inner light tell you of where your loved ones are now? Do you feel that they have simply gone out of existance? Or do you feel that on some level that they are still with you? I believe that most of us know our loved ones are still with us in some form. Their loving energy is still close, even if their bodies have gone. We just need to allow ourselves to receive their energy and light.

It`s ok to have some doubts. You wouldn`t be human if you didn`t! But when it comes to connecting with the spirits, just let go of your need for proof. Ignore anyone who says it`s silly to want to believe in life after death. When you contact the spirit world looking for proof, your vibrations are all wrong. You`re bringing the heavy energy of logic and reason. It`s far better for you to focus on the positive feelings you have about the after life. We all have them, even the people who doubt the most. Think about the times when you have felt a closeness to the spirit world. When you experienced a feeling that there was an energy around you that wasn`t from this world. Focus on your belief in the after life, not your disbelief, then you will be able to open yourself up to the spirits.

The after life isn`t a place that anyone goes to alone! When we die someone always comes to get us, and when we exist in the after life, we are surrounded by the spirits of departed loved ones and more energy besides. Nobody need be afraid of dying, or that their loved one is in a bad place. I believe that the after life is a place of community, companionship and love.
G xx