Many people these days say they don`t believe in the spirit world. It`s not fashionable to say that you believe in anything that you can`t see, and many people seem to think that it`s ok to laugh at people who claim to be able to talk to the spirits.

There`s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy scepticism. After all there are plenty of con artists out there who just want to take advantage of people who are grieving. But there`s nothing wrong with belief either! In fact belief is what gets us all through the trials of life. And that is what allows miracles to happen. Most people believe in God! we can`t prove it but we know he`s real. You can`t measure love but you know that it`s real!

Here are some common doubts about life after death, and my thoughts on how to deal with them.

It`s not scientifically possible for the spirit to exist outside of the body-

ISN`T IT? Our essence is nothing more than energy! Just like electricity, that energy can be stored in different places. Energy doesn`t die, it just moves around. We don`t have a way of measuring souls or spirits right now, but I believe that one day we will.

I`ve been to a medium and they got it all wrong-

Yes! it`s sad to say that some experiences with mediums don`t turn out the way we hoped. Not all mediums are able to truly tune in to their intuition. I`ve seen some truly terrible mediums at work, but just like any other skill, I have seen some amazing work done too. It really is the luck of the draw. The good news is that when you learn to connect with your departed spirits, you`ll be your own medium. And who better to trust than yourself?

I want to believe, but I just don`t feel anything when I think about the spirit world-

That could be because you are too tuned in to your logical mind, and not connected to your intuition. Over-thinking is a very common problem in this day and age. Once you start to connect with your intuition you will start to be able to sense the spirits.

Surely if the spirit world truly existed, there would be some concrete proof?-

My own personal experience is proof to me that the spirit world exists. As your intuition grows stronger, you`ll see and hear proof of the spirits, just as I do. However the spirit world cannot be measured with scientific tools. The energy of spirit is all about feelings, and in this age of logic we don`t have many tools for measuring the more intuitive side of our existence. Even the most sophisticated brain-scanning machines can`t measure feelings like joy, relief, guilt and contentment. It`s amazing that we can send people into space, but we still can`t measure feelings!

You just need to relax and stop thinking about other people`s opinions of you, to allow the spirit world to be able to come into your life. They are always there and waiting just for the right time to come through to you.

Your dreams are the easiest way that they can come through, as it is then that you are at your most relaxed and open, to their vibration. There is nothing to fear from the spirits, they are energy of love and without you even realising it, they are looking after you anyway. Just like a phone call from a friend you haven`t heared from in a long time, they are there and waiting for you to tune into the right wavelength.


My spirit is around you

I see your pure gentleness.

The purity of your love

The love you so gently gave to me.

I am with you always

It breaks my heart to see you weep

Please don`t weep.

My arms are surrounding you with my love

My hands are guiding you for strength

In shadowed and still darkness, I hold your hand.

When dawn breaks, I am your warmth

When you dream and see me, it`s because I am truly with you

You are my forever beautiful day.

In your nights I caress you

I have not left you

I am always shining my soul upon you and giving you my heart.

G xx