As far as I`m concerned, it makes perfect sense that the best evidence for understanding what happens during an NDE, comes from the multitude of people who have had them, during near clinical death experiences. This commonsense perspective is certainly validated in hundreds of medical studies. The substantial majority of people who have taken part in these studies have proved that NDE`s are real and that there is life after death. Having these NDE`S is their personal proof and I have had one myself during an operation.

In science, confirming the reality of a concept generally comes not from a single observation or study but from many independant studies with different methodoligies. This cross checking among scientific studies has always been the foundation of validating scientific discoveries. Thus it is vitally important to know that the NDE studies findings are corroberated by hundreds of prior NDE studies conducted by scores of NDE researchers. Those studies always make the same observations throughout the world and have done since the studies began in the 1970`s and they all come to the same conclusions. This adds to the converging lines of evidence that leads scientists and myself to conclude that there is life after death because our spirits are immortal, it is just our bodies that die.

I know this belief takes me out on a limb, despite a recent poll by the Pew Forum in the USA. The poll`s show that over 75% of people in the studies all over the world believe in life after death because they have had actual proof, myself included.

I have considered much of what I have researched throughout my years of studying human psychology on courses and in medical libraries and I`ve come to the firm conclusion that this is very real to human beings and agree with the many scientist`s that have conducted these studies, it really is a fascinating subject to learn about and even more wonderful to experience one. I have sat amongst hundreds of books and medical journals and have become totally lost in my work. At my fingertips were some of the greatest medical and scientific studies I`ve ever come across! I found the answers to this fascinating subject in those books and journals.

I left the libraries with the question `what`s the key to understanding these NDE`S`? Later the answer came to me and it was so simple! The answer is listen, and to listen carefully, to the people who have gone through a near death experience. They surely are one of the best sources of information and understanding to what awaits us at the brink of death and beyond. Since realising that fact and having the experience I have never looked back! Near death studies are the statements of the people who have had them, and they focus on the facts of the people who take part. It is through these studies from all over the world and all the different religions that answers to these important questions can be found.

G xx