To believe without proof as most of us do

Is what faith is for.

To understand and cherish each new life

Is what God wants from us all.

By loving each other, you`re doing his work

So teach love and harmony to the next.

This ensures his work for eternity

And lays all our troubles to rest.

This faith will help us to protect our young

The future lies in the hands of them all.

To protect our world, we must teach them well

To insure that they`re safe, one and all.

We must not be afraid to show someone love

So give a small kindness each day.

Even when you feel slighted, just give a smile

You`ll see that it brightens their way.

You`ll get yourself through any difficult times

With this positive frame of mind

If you`ve a negative thought, please try again!

It`s so much easier to be kind.

A destructive way of thinking is so sad

And that will only darken your own mind.

So remember my words, when you`re at a loss

God answers all of our prayers in his own special time.