That sounds like a strange question doesn`t it? but it is one that I have often thought makes great sense when you look into the subject of reincarnation more deeply.

The buddhist teachings on reincarnation are profound. They do not deal merely with the fact of rebirth, but they explain how this is one of the fundamental elements of life and soul growth.

They refer to reincarnation as the `Law`and that `Law` explains many of the conundrums of life – why we feel a sense of recognition of some people; why we are drawn to certain countries, and why some people seem to be born with incredible skills!


There is a lot of confusion concerning this great principle. Some people feel reluctance or repugnance at the thought of having to reincarnate in a physical body! They cannot understand why, once having passed through this physical earth plane and on to spheres of light, that they should have to return to the darkness of earth. There seems to them to be no reason and no logic in this; it refuses to fit in with their conception of an all-wise and all loving Father-Mother God. Yet when the picture is more clearly drawn, we are able to face the future with more joy and hope.

There is no forcing of reincarnation. The soul comes back to the earth of its own free will, to gain certain lessons, or to give certain service. When clothed in the physical body, the higher or God consciousness is so covered that you cannot believe that you chose your life. You find yourself saying `nonsense! I certainly did not choose this`. No! your lower self did not choose, that certainly did not. But the pure God consciousness, the higher part of your being, chose it, because it knew that only by travelling through that particular scenery of life would you gain the quality of consciousness for which you sought.

Until you conceive clearly this wheel of rebirth, you will find most of the deeper problems of life obscure, and will find it hard to understand the justice of life. We all admit, because something within us all compels us to admit it, that God is good, that God is an all wise and all loving Father and Mother. Yet there will remain problems beyond our solution. Nevertheless, we cling to the divine love, because the urge within us, which is divine, will direct us to the spirit of love.

The only way we can touch the divine secrets of life is through the path of love and selflessness. Mind which has its place in human evolution, can never of itself give the truth of the ancient wisdom, but it is necessary for the mind to be developed before a full comprehention of the universe can dawn. How does this touch the subject of reincarnation? Only because a great deal has been written concerning the sacred wisdom, and we all seek the truth through reading. However the heart of truth lies in the spirit, and only we soul-brothers and sisters can know truth, no-one else can give it to you. In the search for a clear understanding of reincarnation, we need to become acquainted with the soul within.

Humankind was created by God in his image and was given the key to heaven, although the mind and intellect were not as developed as they are now. Each generation is learning and so man is developing further and further. At our creation, humanity received the basis or foundation of a religion: one which is so simple! It is a religion of love and brotherhood, a religion of service to all aspects of life.

God gave to each of us a perfect form, and this gift gave us all the power and the choice of free will. In the begining, life was beautiful. However, because we possess this power of free will and choice, we desire to experiment, just as a child wants to play with a new toy. As soon as we as children discover our feet, we want to walk, when we discover sound and our own voices, we want to talk! This applies to the soul as well as the body! The soul, feeling power and knowledge, wants to experiment, and in the process it makes mistakes! this creates karma. Karma is the teacher of the soul. Therefore it has to go through countless lives and countless experiences, learning from its own karma, and by this it learns of the love of God our Father, the teacher. Humanity is created in perfect form, but as a babe, in understanding!

We can only grow in understanding through experience, through trial and error. This process goes on and on through time. When we think of God, our creator, the great light, and compare our own insignificance with that magnificence, we will begin to understand why we have to travel such a long journey back to that Source of Life.

Humankind is a process of evolution, and not a violation of the divine plan of progress. As a baby is both sweet and innocent, if we continued to be this way all through life on earth, we would be of little ultimate use. God created souls pure and good, we have to learn through experience to gain wisdom, by walking the path of evolution and spiritual growth. Procreation and reproduction of the body is the first step, but we have to learn more. We have to learn in order to find the creative secret of the universe.

G xx