I have today picked out at random three Tarot cards whilst thinking of Tony, myself and Cherie, Tony`s partner. I feel quite positive with the information they have imparted today and I hope they mean something to all of us.


Cups are connected to emotions, relationships, friendships, and romance. They are also associated with the element of water, and water signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

People represented by this suit usually have blond or light brown hair, and blue or green eyes. The suit can also refer to people with an artistic temperament.


The Queen drinks deeply from the cup of life. Her emotions and sexuality are intense; she relies on intuition before intellect.

When you draw the Queen of cups, you are full of emotional empathy and compassion and others will be attracted to you for that reason. Alternatively, someone who represents the qualities of tender-heartedness will come into your life. Your emotional involvement with someone (or being wrapped up in your own feelings), means you can`t see the truth of what`s going on. You will soon be more compassionate with others.


The world symbolizes the complete person, integrated, whole and self-aware as well as the fulfilment of one`s choices or goals.


In any layout the world is a positive card; there`s always a sense of accomplishment and prosperity. Everything is working for us, dynamic, moving, vibrant and alive as the world itself. The fool is now living out his true potential and sees that life is meaningful and he has a purpose in it. He has realised that all the different little bits of him, whether negative or positive, make up the wholeness of himself. Likewise, when you draw this card you have a sense of individual value and `wholeness`.

The world can also mean you`ve got the perfect partner or vocation and there`s no turning back. You know that whatever happens, you have the chance to move on, follow your heart`s desire and there are no regrets. You can look forward to success in relationships and all creative enterprises. Sometimes this card is interpreted as `the world is yours`. You`re about to embark on a trip of a lifetime or into a new venture. You feel carefree and yet part of the whole. In a sense you are at one with the Universe. If this card comes out in the blockage position, it could mean that you could be too sure of yourself, or simply indulging in too much wishful thinking. You may need to ask yourself some straight questions and give straight answers. `Who am I? What do I need to learn? What is my true potential?`

A robed figure commands the elements and forces of the universe. This card represents the completion of life`s circle and mystical unity with the cosmos. The power of transcendence is within reach. You can attain worldly success and liberation through spiritual rebirth. Success could be delayed. You are not quite there yet. Time to filter out imperfections and refine your vision.


Someone is going to cut you some slack-soon. Relief will come after a struggle. You may be taking a sea voyage.

kEYWORDS, recovery, travel, new departure, leaving the past behind, getting over difficulties, being more positive about life, healing experience.

The six of swards indicates you are moving out of troubled waters. You`re unsure of what`s going to happen next, but you can see the way ahead. This card usually indicates that you are going through some kind of psychological healing process. You`ll soon be rowing away from those choppy waters for an easier route. You may feel a bit bogged down in problems and need to accept that you have to make an effort to make changes.

G xx