Most people have said to me that they believe that I have a gift that they don`t possess! When I tell them that I believe that everyone is psychic, they often look at me in wonder. Really!? they say!. You think everyone is psychic? Even me?

The answer is yes. Everyone is psychic. The key difference is our own belief in our psychic abilities. I have been in touch with my psychic side for many years now. But I would never have practiced those abilities if I didn`t believe that my gift is real in the first place. Your psychic abilities are just like any other ability that you possess, the more you practice at learning to get the hang of them, the better you become, just like learning to read and write!

So this is about helping you to believe with confidence in your psychic abilities. Because until you truly believe in yourself, your way to the spirit world will be blocked.


I find that the main reason that we don`t believe in our psychic abilities is because intuition and life`s `softer` skills aren`t encouraged in this day and age. Most children who have psychic experiences don`t tell people about them, for fear of being laughed at or being called a lier.

Psychic experiences are usually dismissed as coincidences, or our imagination. We`re not taught to practice our psychic skills – far from it in fact. In life we`re told to focus on `practical` and `sensible` things like maths and English. Sadly there are no lessons in school about tapping into our intuition!!

I`m willing to bet that you`ve had more than one psychic experience in your life! Perhaps you didn`t call it this, but you understood that it meant that there was something more to the world than you could see with your own eyes.

When I was a youngster, I used to often see my grandad at the end of my bed, nothing strange about that! except that he died before I was born! Of course, at the time I didn`t know I was having a psychic experience. I thought I was seeing the end of a dream or having a hallucination!

Now I understand that he was really there and came to visit me regularly in order to help me learn about my abilities. He is the one who comes through first when I get in touch with the spirit realm.

I`ve heard many accounts from people about their experiences with their departed loved ones. These experiences are commonly straight after a passing, when our psychic senses are heightened and our logical mind takes a break.

I remember one lady telling me that she saw her husband on an empty hospital bed, a few hours after he`d passed away. She`d come to collect his belongings, and wasn`t startled or surprised to see him sitting there, instead she felt totally calm and very comforted. Her husband looked healthier than she had seen him in for many years, and he smiled at her and blew her a kiss, then he disappeared. Afterwards the lady decided that she had had a hallucination due to the shock of her loss. During our chat I asked her to really focus on this memory. When she recalled it in detail, she understood that she had in fact connected with her husbands spirit that day. She`d never hallucinated before in her life and she realised that the feelings of calm and great peace were from her connection with the spirit realm that day.

Because we don`t learn about intuition at school, and because we`re not taught to focus on the `invisible` side of life, we don`t tend to recognise it when it actually happens to us personally. If we `d been taught to notice our own psychic abilities from a young age, I believe we would all be very proficient at the skill by the time we reach adulthood.

Consider the psychic experiences that you`ve already had! By focusing on coincidences, visions, psychic dreams and when you just `knew`things, this will really help you believe in, and encourage the development of your psychic abilities, the abilities that we are all capable of developing, just like any other skill that the human brain is capable of learning.

So let`s take a trip down memory lane. I`d particularly like you to focus on the time after you lost a loved one, because this is often when our psychic energies are most in tune with the spirit realm.

When your loved one passed away, were there any strange coincidences surrounding their death? Perhaps something happened with their possessions that you weren`t expecting! or perhaps you ended up hearing their favourite song while you were thinking of them, quite by accident. Maybe you saw or felt their presence, or had a very vivid dream about them that told you something very important. Whatever your experiences, I`d like you to really focus on them. Find a quiet spot and really relive the memory in detail. What were you wearing? What was the temperature? What exactly did you see, hear and feel?

The more you focus on that experience, the more you`ll begin to value it as a genuine psychic encounter. This will help you appreciate that you do have psychic abilities and that you can connect with the spirit realm. You just need to believe and start practicing.

G xx