Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

That sounds like a strange question doesn`t it? but it is one that I have often thought makes great sense when you look into the subject of reincarnation more deeply.

The buddhist teachings on reincarnation are profound. They do not deal merely with the fact of rebirth, but they explain how this is one of the fundamental elements of life and soul growth.

They refer to reincarnation as the `Law`and that `Law` explains many of the conundrums of life – why we feel a sense of recognition of some people; why we are drawn to certain countries, and why some people seem to be born with incredible skills!


There is a lot of confusion concerning this great principle. Some people feel reluctance or repugnance at the thought of having to reincarnate in a physical body! They cannot understand why, once having passed through this physical earth…

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