Most theories of prophecy concentrate on what are professed to be ambiguities in our conventional notion of what the future is and claim that the future either unfolds or coexists with the present. A somewhat novel approach to the problem, focusing on ambiguities in what we call the present, was proposed in 1934 by H. F. Saltmarsh.

Saltmarsh begins by pointing out that what we conventionally name the present is nothing of the kind. For when we see something –Ā  a falling leaf or the prick of a pin for instance, we regard our perception and what it reveals as occurring simultaineously in time. But sensory impressions do not occur all at once. We feel the pinprick an instant after it happens; the leaf touches the ground an instant before we register the landing. In addition to the time it takes for the sensory impressions to reach our brain is the time it takes our brain to process the signals when they arrive. So based on Saltmarsh`s proposal, our perception of anything happening is inevitably a bit later than the event itself. Consequently, we have two kinds of present. The interval between these two presents might well be considered a third level, or intermediate present, in which events can occur or begin to occur. We can further conjecture that it is in the third level of time that certain people receive intimations of the future.

Because all transitions take time, we can hardly suppose that the contents of the intermediate present pass into our awareness intact or unchanged. We can therefore say that the intermediate present, like the real present, is unavailable to ordinary consciousness and that its contents can never be quite the same as those of our normal awareness. It is in this nether area between an event and the perception of it that precognition might occur.


Nearly four years ago I had two wonderful premonitions about my two sons and my two daughter-in-laws. We were visiting Jenna and Geoffrey one weekend, when suddenly I got a strange feeling as we parked the car. When we greeted each other the feeling became very strong especially when I hugged my daughter-in-law Jenna. It was very like the feeling you get when you drive over a hill at speed, it`s that tummy tickle that you get as the car lifts in the air, or like the feeling of great excitement. As I hugged her I saw a picture in my mind of my son Geoffrey changing a baby boys nappy, then Jenna cradling the baby in her arms. I said to her ” Jenna you`re going to have a baby in March ” this was in the summer the year before. I whispered to her that the baby is a little boy. She looked at me completely stunned and said ” I`m not pregnant G! am I Geoffrey?. ” Geoffrey just looked at me and said `spooky G strikes again ` then smiled and told Jenna he was going to the chemist right away to get a pregnancy test for her, because he knew that I`ve had these premonitions before. She was baffled because she didn`t know how I could tell, she didn`t feel any different. They had just moved house and a baby wasn`t planned for a few years.

While he was out, I got a piece of paper and wrote the baby`s name down, Jack Andrew Geoffrey. I then said that I had written the name and I folded the paper and locked it in a little box that I keep important papers in, driving licence and so on. I told her that I won`t show it to her until after the baby is born and that I didn`t want her to tell us what names she was going to choose. She laughed and just said ” But I`m not pregnant G!! I`m sure of it!! ” Then Geoffrey came home and immediately told her to do the test. She came into the kitchen looking as white as a sheet and showed Geoffrey the test, it was positive and it told her that she was three weeks pregnant! The tests are amazing these days, there was nothing so accurate when I was having my children. She cried with shock and Geoffrey was dancing around the kitchen with her, they were both thrilled. Geoffrey asked what I`d written, but I wouldn`t tell them because that would have spoilt the surprise! When she was twenty weeks, she went for the usual scan, when the doctor checks to see that everything is going well. She told them that they both wanted to know what they were having? and yes, it was a boy!

The day they came home with him she asked me for the bit of paper with his name on it. She said that they had decided to call him Jack Andrew Geoffrey. I showed her the paper and she burst into tears with amazement. She was so shocked!

Three weeks after I`d told Jenna that she was pregnant, the same thing happened for my other son Adam and his wife. Laura and Adam came to see me when I was poorly with flu. I said to them that she`s pregnant with a boy and due in March just like Jenna was. I actually saw the date this time, the number 4. I told them that I could see a baby wrapped in a blue shawl in Adams arms! Adam just laughed and said ” Mum that`s what we came to tell you, we`ve just come from the doctor`s because Laura has been feeling a bit sickly! ” Again the baby wasn`t planned.

I did the same thing for them about the baby`s name and told them that I didn`t want to know his name when they had decided on it. Laura was absolutely thrilled because she`d always wanted a son for her first baby. Then I was able to tell her, before she`d found out! how far along she was. The name I wrote down and put in my little box was Alexander Daniel Andrew. I told them that I would show them the paper when he was born. I was thrilled to find out that I was right again, and he was born at 3am on the 4th of March. The doctors had told her that the baby was due on the 20th of March! The day he was born we went to visit them at the hospital, I handed them the box and told her to open it, but first I wanted her to tell us what they had decided on for his name. I wish you could have seen their faces when they read the piece of paper. Laura and Jenna actually have the piece of paper framed at home. Adam`s comment when he told me the baby`s name was ” You watch Laura, I bet she`s right, she`s strange is my mum. We call her spooky G! ”

While we were with them, Laura`s mum came in with a present for the baby. Laura opened it and it was a beautiful hand knitted baby blue shawl from her grandmother. We all had fun that day and fell about laughing because I got that bit right as well.

G xx