ESPI know I haven’t been on for several weeks, so I’m not exactly sure about everything that’s been going on, but I do know that Georgina has done a stellar job this month.  I was only able to read a couple of her posts but I HAVE been getting emails and phone calls attesting to the fact.  I know from personal experience that her psychic experiences are phenomenal.  I hope you’ve all been able to share in those with her. MY journey during the last month have been difficult and trying but, we will go into all that later.  Right now I would like to thank Georgie from the bottom of my heart.  I wasn’t able to help her at all this month so I’m sure it could not have been easy for her.  Most don’t understand how difficult it is to post an informative write everyday of the week of over 1000 words.  The research alone is a job all by itself.  Being sure about the information you’re conveying requires hours and hours of, not only doing the research, but you have decide what pieces of yourself you’re willing to share with the world.  In short, it requires about three hours each day to do a daily blog.  I don’t think I prepared her for the daunting task that she so beautifully undertook with her grace and love for me.  I don’t think she would have done this if it wasn’t for our mutual respect for one another.  I haven’t fulfilled two of my personal promises to her and for that I am currently moving things to be sure of our prolonged association.  When we met we met through a poetry site and became fast admirers of each others work.  To that end she sent me her book of poetry entitled “The Three L’s, Life. Love and Loss” from which I have spent many hours getting to know her a little better.  The site where we met is called COSMOFUNNEL and it is a creative work station where many of her poems are there on display for those of you who are curious about her poetry.  Her book is dedicated to her son, it was published in 2013 and for those of you who are curious please feel free to message here for copies.  Right now, I am opening up this blog to her so that she might continue to do posts here at her leisure.  Her contributions to “Metaphysics And The Movies According To Dartanion2″ go far beyond just this last month, her comments  here are still getting read to this day.  I owe her much and she will always be dear to me, although she may not know it right now because I have been in the throws of surgeries and recuperation for three weeks now and wasn’t there to support her recently.  I would like you to get to know her little better right now.  From her book this is one of my favorite poems of hers, entitled ” MAKING CHANGES “……..Thank You Georgie:

MAKING CHANGES by Georgina Richardson

We all have to travel through life,

Each step we take is special,

If we take care each day

And show others consideration.

We can give pleasure,

And we can receive pleasure

We can give Love

And we can receive Love

We can make a difference

We can give true peace of mind to others

All we need give is a little kindness each day….


We love you Georgie……and thanx for being you, sweet soul~