It was World Cancer Day this week and I decided to post a photograph of my son Andrew on my Facebook page in memory of him, with a message for him to go with it. As you all know, I lost him to cancer on the fourth of May 2009, he was thirty one. Obviously I miss him terribly and I was upset as I was writing his message.

That night as I was getting ready for bed, Geoff came into the room to comfort me as he`d heard me crying. He sat on the bed with me and just held me in his arms till I managed to calm myself down. I felt a hand stroke my hair and then my neck, it wasn`t Geoff because he`d got up from the bed and was trying to cheer me up by telling me silly jokes! I told him what I could feel, he just told me that I was imagining it, he doesn`t believe in life after death despite all the proof I`ve had.

I said aloud to Andrew ” Give your dad a sign that it was you Andrew and that you did stroke my hair and neck! ” Suddenly the jewelry box that belonged to my mother started playing music, that doesn`t sound strange does it? But it has been broken for 55 years! It won`t play the music and the key to it won`t turn around to wind it up! Geoff picked it up and saw the key turning and the little ballerina inside the glass front was turning round.

Now that box only played the music, before it was broken! by winding it up with the key and you also had to open the lid. The lid was closed and the box is kept on the top of the wardrobe, I can`t reach it! Geoff just looked at me in shock! I said to Andrew ” Make it stop and then start it up again to prove to your dad that it is you doing it sweety! he did exactly that. Geoff went very pale and just went down stairs to get a cup of tea for his nerves!! I love it when Andrew gets in touch with me but it`s fantastic when he does it in front of his dad! Yet he still refuses to believe in life after death!

When Geoff finally came to bed, as he walked into the room the light switched off then on again three times. After it came back on again for the third time I said do it again Andrew! and yes! he did it again! This time he actually made his dad laugh and I sensed that deep down he really does believe sometimes, he is just one of those people who needs irrefutable proof, even then he doesn`t admit to it, he still tries to explain it away. But I think it`s great fun when Andrew and my parents play games and give me proof. It is a wonderful comfort knowing for definite that our souls go back home to God and that we can still take care and watch over our families. I have written to each member of my family, letters explaining what I will do for them to prove that I`m still with them and Geoff is under strict instructions of when to give them to my children after I go home to God.

G xx