Three days after I lost Andrew, he came to me as I lay in the dark. I was trying to shut out this horrible nightmare that was now my life. I was definitely suicidal and so very close to taking a full weeks worth of prescription drugs for pain. I have a very bad hip and spine, and with age, it`s getting worse. I have to take many different drugs to keep me going. I was in such deep shock that I actually didn`t want anything more to do with life, without him! This vision was Andrews way of saving my life and I`ll treasure the gift and the vision always.

This was my very first vision of Andrew after he`d died. He had come to give me a very special gift from above.

It was a Sunday evening and I was in bed in complete shock and disbelief that I`d lost him, wanting the whole world to just leave me alone and go away. Suddenly I realised that I was looking at Andrew standing at the edge of the bed and he was smiling at me, but also his face was shining wet with tears. He used sign language to say `No mum please don`t do it! I love you` I looked at where he was pointing, it was at the bedside table where I had laid out all the tablets, I was about to get up and get some water to take them with, when he came to me!

In this vision, I couldn`t hear him speak but I could read what he was saying to me. The vision of him was so clear that I could even see what colour shirt he was wearing, it was his red Liverpool football shirt and jeans. I could see that he was holding a large silver picture frame, the photo was one taken on his wedding day, it shows me stood with Andrew and his dad. I was puzzled because I hadn`t seen the photograph before and it was a really lovely photograph. He kept mouthing the word photograph to me very clearly, then he blew me a kiss and signed I love you, then he faded out and was gone. I realised at once what he was doing, he really came to save me from doing something stupid with the only option open to him, and that was to give me that very clear vision of him.

I got hold of those tablets and tipped them down the toilet and have never thought that way ever since that day. My son literally saved my life, from the after life. I still find it just as hard to cope without him, but it comforts me greatly knowing that I still have him with me.

Now back to that photograph! The next day after the vision, I saw Tracey his wife coming to call on me and she was carrying something big in a bag. When she came in, we both realised that it was the first time she`d walked to our house without Andrew, all those little `first`s` after a death are so painful! We cried, but eventually pulled ourselves together. `I`ve brought you something that Andrew had organised for you before he died, I had to bring it to you after he died and he told me to promise not to let you see it till after the funeral` I opened the bag and inside was that same photograph that he was holding in my vision. It is an absolutely stunning big silver ornate frame and the picture is one I`d never seen before because a friend of the family had taken it.

I told Tracey about the vision that I`d had the day before, and we both broke down sobbing, but at the same time amongst such total devastation, we were both so comforted because he had proved  to me, and so soon after he`d died, that the afterlife is very real. It is that simple piece of metaphysical and spiritual proof that has kept me alive ever since! It has made me value so, so much more of what we all have here! At the same time Andrew and his loving nature and beautiful soul has also proved to me that God is very real. Take it from me, please make the most of the people that you love, and tell them every day that you love them, because you never know when it`s all going to be snatched away from you. I talk to Andrew every day and the knowledge that he can see and hear me keeps me sane! He`s given me so much proof in the last six years since his death. Needless to say! his mum is very proud of him!

G xx