The same folk that worked on what would become the internet, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), also instituted a potentially chilling project in the 1960`s called Project Pegasus, a time traveler training program. According to one of the self described time travelers, author Andrew Basiago, DARPA had been researching and then developing Nikola Tesler`s teleportation theories. Ultimately, they were able to come up with a plan for a proof of the concept of time travel, but they needed time travelers, or chrononauts, as Biago says they were called.


The training program lasted at least a decade, culminating in 1981, when the first missions were launched. Basiago says, and offers evidence in the form of a photograph, that he was transported back in time to the Gettysburg battle field during the American civil war. He says that he was also transported to the planet Mars twice, once alone and once with his trainer, CIA operative Courtney Hunt. And Basiago has said, is inhabited, and American intelligence and space agency`s have dealt with its inhabitants.

One theory among conspiracy theorists is that time travel has been going on for a while and that history is already being tampered with. As an example, some conspiracy theorists cite the 2000 presidential election in Florida where former CIA director and fourty-first president George H W Bush had already ordered vote tampering in the past to ensure that his son George W Bush would win the Florida electoral vote.

More than one UFO researcher has suggested that what are refered to as extratarrestrial space travelers are really time travelers either from some other planet or from right here on Earth. There is lots of intriguing, though hardly any dispositive, evidence. For example in Egyptian, Sumarian, and Mayan hieroglyphics, there are symbols of craft that look like a modern helicopter, a human being or humanoid in a space suit of today, and craft that look intriguingly like a space shuttle. In fact, Legendary Times magazine editor Giorgio Tsoukalis wears a piece of jewelry that is a model of a bird? When Tsoukalis appeared as a guest on UFO Hunters, he explained his theory that what many paleoanthropologists called a bird was really an aircraft.

UFO Hunters tested this theory and created a scale model with bolsa wood to see whether it might actually glide back to Earth if launched from a catapult device. Would the wings suport it? Would the odd-looking tail assembly on the artifact act like a modern aircraft tail assembly? This was the challenge.

UFO Hunters modeled the aircraft, launched it from a catapult, and, to everyones delight, the bird space shuttle-like craft climed into the air. Then, because it was unpowered, it settled back on its tail assembly that stabilized it. Its delta wings provided the lift for the nose to rise as the craft settled easily down to the ground in a perfect landing, just like the space shuttle. This doesn`t prove the theory of UFO time travel, but it showed that if a time traveler visited the past in a shuttle-like lander and stayed, imparting a jump-start to Mayan Inca technology, the bird artifact might have been the result of a cargo-cult memorialization.

Another intruguing part of the story came from Philip Corso, who claimed he saw a strange, other worldly craft in the New Mexico desert at the Army Misile Proving Grounds in Red Canion in the 1950s. Corso said that he was flying over the misile range in an army Pipa Cub, he looked down into the scrub bush and chaparral landscape below him and saw a shiny metallic object on the ground. It wasn`t huge, but he said, clearly the size that a human being could pilot. Corso told his pilot to head back to base, and when he landed he got his staff car and drove out to that spot in the desert.

The object was still there, almost shimmering in the desert heat. Corso got out of his car and approuched the object, wary about touching it, but, after his experience with the Roswell cargo at Fort Riley ten years earlier, more curious than wary. He touched the surface of the object, feeling a little disoriented because the object seemed to be fuzzing around the edges as if it were winking in and out of reality. It was surprisingly cold to the touch. He noted its oval shape and stepped back as the thing began to hum, as if reacting to his presence. Then right before his eyes, the object simply disappeared.

Corso was a man who kept his secrets close while he was in uniform and did not make a big report of what he saw. Instead, four years later when he was head of Foreign Technology at the Army Office of Reseach and Development in the Pentagon, he told former Nazi rocket scientist Hermann Oberth about what he saw in the desert that day. Hermann Oberth, once quoted as having said that the Germans were helped in their technological development by people from another world, suggested to Corso that it might be that the craft he saw was not an extraterrestrial spacecraft but actually a `time ship`.

It was a statement that stayed with Corso for the rest of his life, and during his television appearance on NBC`s Dateline in 1997, fourty years after the incident, he told correspondent John Hockenbury the story of the craft in the desert. It was one of the most memorable moments of Corso`s appearance.


There have been many other hints concerning the relationship between UFOs and temperal dislocation, as if time manipulation were part of their ability to navigate through space and, thus time. Witnesses have reported short periods of missing time, moments when they could not account for the passage of time. Clocks mysteriously stop that would not because they are not electric and should not have been affected by an electromagnetic field. Engines that cut off when a UFO passes overhead mysteriously start up again as if they were never stopped but only hesitated in time and were running the entire time. Plants and trees touched by beams from UFOs seem to age years in an instant. And UFOs themselves simply don`t accelerate as if they are gathering speed. They disappear in a direction in an instant as if they`ve passed into another time continuum.

Perhaps if ever the secret of UFOs becomes public knowledge, the secret of temperal manipulation will be exposed. At that point, it is to be hoped that mankind will hopefully be ready for that astounding knowledge and won`t, like the Krell people of the motion picture `Forbidden Planet`, destroy that population with that power.

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