Because it`s Valentines Day today I`ve reblogged this one.
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Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

As it is getting close to Valentines Day, I thought I would tell you all about a very special Valentines gift that I received last year.

I was busy writing a poem for Valentines Day last year, for my husband Geoff, it was just after lunch when I had finished the poem. Geoff came home and we chatted for a while about the things he`d been up to that day, when suddenly he insisted that I looked a bit pale and asked me to go upstairs for a rest, he`s quite a fuss pot at times! I told him that I was ok and not at all tired! but he insisted! so I gave in and lay down on our bed.

I was just laid there day dreaming and listening to the birds in the garden, my eyes were closed but I wasn`t asleep. Suddenly I could smell my son…

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