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Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

Most people have said to me that they believe that I have a gift that they don`t possess! When I tell them that I believe that everyone is psychic, they often look at me in wonder. Really!? they say!. You think everyone is psychic? Even me?

The answer is yes. Everyone is psychic. The key difference is our own belief in our psychic abilities. I have been in touch with my psychic side for many years now. But I would never have practiced those abilities if I didn`t believe that my gift is real in the first place. Your psychic abilities are just like any other ability that you possess, the more you practice at learning to get the hang of them, the better you become, just like learning to read and write!

So this is about helping you to believe with confidence in your psychic abilities. Because until you…

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