In December 1972 an Eastern Airlines Tristar jetliner, flight 401, crashed into a Florida swamp. One hundred and one people died in the crash, including the pilot, Robert Loft, and the flight engineer, Donald Repo. On more than twenty occasions thereafter, crew members of other Eastern Tristars-especially those that had been fitted with parts salvaged from the wreck of flight 401. People have seen entirely lifelike apparitions of the pilots Loft and Repo. In some cases the apparitions were identified by people who had known the two men and in some cases by reference to photographs.


For a number of years motorists driving along Archer Avenue in Chicago`s South Side have reported giving rides to a beautiful young hitchhiker, a blond wearing a white gown that seems to date from the 1920`s or 1930`s. The drivers are said to be mostly young men and the girl often jumps into their cars uninvited, saying that she needs a ride home. Home turns out to be the Resurrection Cemetry, at 7200 South Archer Avenue, and when the car draws level with it, the hitchhiker gets out ( sometimes opening the car door, sometimes passing right through it ). She walks up to the wrought iron gates, and passes through them, disappearing into thin air once inside the cemetery.

Resurrection Mary, as the specter has been named, is said to be the ghost of a young Polish girl who was killed in an auto accident while being driven home from a dance in the Willowbrook Ballroom on Archer Avenue in 1931 and burried in her party dress and dancing shoes in Resurrection Cemetery.

One night in December 1977 a motorist noticed a young woman dressed in white standing inside the Cemetery gates. She was looking out and holding onto the iron bars of the gates. Thinking that the girl had been inadvertently locked inside the cemetery, the motorist called the police, but by the time that the patrol car arrived the girl had vanished. The officer beamed his searchlight into the cemetery but saw nothing. He and the motorist did notice, though, that two of the iron bars in the gate were bent apart and that at the point where they were bent were the marks, seemingly etched into the iron, of two small hands!!


One evening in October 1979 Mr Roy Fulton, who was a carpet fitter at that time, was driving back home from a darts match in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, here in England. As he neared the village of Stanbridge, he stopped to pick up a young hitchhiker, a man of pale complextion, with short curly hair and tan trousers with a white shirt that had an old fashioned round collar. When Mr Fulton asked him where he was going, the young man just pointed down the road. Mr Fulton thought his passenger might be a deaf-mute so he drove on in silence. After driving a mile or two, though, at a steady 45mph, he thought a cigarette might help to break the ice, and turned to offer one to his passenger. The passenger seat was empty! The young man had silently vanished from the moving van, whose door had never been opened. Mr Fulton drove to his local pub, ordered a large scotch to steady his nerves, and told his story. The landlord of the pub and the Dunstable police inspector there, both said later that they believed Mr Fulton had experienced something strange.

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