angel in the darkI sometimes feel the struggle is too great.  To truly understand…… must put your soul & your free will on the line.  For the answer you seek is NOT easily accepted by those not ready to be at the hand of the sword.  The sword, that pains and kills without remorse.  The sword that one must carry into battle…..for if you question God………the fight WILL involve that which you hold most dear…..LOVE!!  The loss of family and friends, that you hold most dear, WILL be put in harms way if you TRULY want to know God.  And your conditioned notions of LOVE will be forever lost…… it worth it?  Consider these words:       I CREATED MAN AND WOMAN WITH ORIGINAL SIN, THEN I IMPREGNATED A WOMAN WITH MYSELF AS HER CHILD, SO THAT I COULD BE BORN.  LATER, I WILL KILL MYSELF AS A SACRIFICE TO MYSELF TO SAVE ALL OF YOU FROM THE SIN I GAVE YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!! ~  Atheist Republic~    Now I know many people in the world think that those words are basic horse-shit………but………there are many who do not!!   Are we better than another person just because we live by a different covenant?  I don’t think GOD would like us to believe that.   Also, nowhere in those words is God even referenced…….those words are aimed at Jesus.   hmmmm?  Food for thought right?  Certainly doesn’t affect MY personal belief system or those of the Freemasons, Knights Templar, or Vatican scholars (although they would have you believe otherwise).  The truth is wars have been waged for centuries over simple interpretations of the written word.  When we all know that words are written down by humans….and…..humans are fallible.  The truth is ALWAYS difficult to arrive at.  But let us leave that unwinnable protestation for a moment and speak of LOVE!!

Love is more easily experienced than defined. (can’t remember who said that?)  But, I’ve been receiving so much Love in my life of late that I have HAD to consider it’s ramifications carefully for I don’t believe my path to be a traditional one by any sense.  I haven’t lived a traditional day in my life.  My mother is white and my father is black.  I have been at an impasse, about most things presented me, my entire life.  About GOD most significantly.  People have always been somewhat of a disappointment and not because they were inherently evil or myself inherently good but, because I have never been fortunate enough to actually spend time with a truly learned person where God and Love are concerned.  It has been my pursuit of the Metaphysical that has helped me make it (alive) to this point in my life.  And it is my understanding of the metaphysical that has helped me with my notions about Love. You can’t describe Love without using the word Love itself.  Allow me to string together some of my favorite quotes and ideas.  Love is a profoundly tender, passionate, affection for another person.  It is an impassioned commitment we nurture and develop and grow with as it evolves.  And then there are those eyes that you look deep into and you recognize them, and you know without a doubt, that you have been in those eyes before.  And everything I’ve just described is RARELY enough to build an entire lifetime upon, and if you are fortunate enough to have this happen for you then GOD inevitably takes a back seat to this extraordinary Love.  Please don’t be angry at those words, just consider how long you’ve lived, and then consider this:  LOVE is not one thing;   there is love for parents, partner, children, country, neighbor, God, profession, hobby, animals, and violence……love is complicated.  I love what Jojo Moyes, the romantic novelist said:  What love is depends on where you are in relation to it.  1).   Secure in it:  it can feel as mundane and necessary as air, you exist within it, almost unnoticing.
2).   Deprived of it:  it can feel like an obsession, all consuming, a physical pain.

If however, you are truly interested in reaching higher states of consciousness, to truly play in the ether, to leave the confines of your physical form, and seek the face of God…………then there are requirements that must be met: Suffering, Meditation, Purity of intent………we have been taught these lessons by the greatest prophets and cave drawings, ancient civilizations and UFO inexplicabilities, scientists and star gazers, priests, monks and historians, of ALL time!  Are God and Love one in the same?  Personally, I think Love is Gods greatest lesson and we still don’t comprehend it………not even close………I am Dartanion2…..and that’s the way I see it…..cheersbeating me down