Hi guys…….while I was away I received over 50 requests for more details about my experiences with the Carlos Castaneda philosophical insights and travels…..well a lot of that occurred in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)……..to catch up with all of that info…..you will need the info below……..my next few posts will be dealing with ALL of that information……..and there is ALOT to catch up with……..so here’s a beginning…………love and rockets…….tony

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

san miguelI had been at the pyramid at Teotihuacan the day before.  If you recall my post on Altered States, I had been talking to a very old woman that afternoon atop the pyramid.  She had recommended San Miguel de Allende as the place where I might be able to find a tracker to take me on a pursuit for “Peyote”, the “Wisdom”, according to a Yaqui way of knowledge, the book by Carlos Castaneda.  I had already experienced “The Power” in the mountains of Oaxaca where I had been introduced to a small nomadic mountain tribe that allowed me to sit in on a Mushroom ceremony.  According to the Yaqui elders once you’d ingested the peyote, after having done the Mushrooms, you would be able to “Stop the World” and enter into a separate reality where All humans looked like luminous eggs, as they radiated the energy of the soul. …

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