astral projectionBefore beginning this write on Astral projection I needed a  place to begin this so diluted topic that I decided to ask my room mate to define for me what he thought Astral Projection was, in as simple a sentence or two as he could.  Here’s what he said…..”It’s when your spirit leaves your body, but then you can come back to it again.  But when you die, your spirit leaves your body and never comes back!”  His exact words.  Then I asked him if science had proof that was promising, but not definitive, if he thought it was worth further study, he responded, (exact words mind you)…..” If you think you can prove it, then you should pursue it!”  My room mate is a Professional Magician (Lord Isaac) so his opinion about things may be a little more open-minded about things, but I still found it motivating, in that, it could help me convey my beliefs about Astral Projection being a dormant ability within all people.  A dormancy that has been our dreams for so long that it seems quite familiar to us when we alter our state of consciousness with substances like wine, marijuana, hallucinogens, prescribed narcotics, or violent trauma……..they ALL lead to the same thing……..a moment……….a surreal moment…….where you find yourself “outside” of yourself………looking down at your surroundings…….floating above yourself………in a place that feels so familiar……..that there is no fear involved in the experience……….you’re at ease just being an observer………THAT!… most people’s introduction to Astral Projection……which is agreed upon by most known chronicler’s of this ability (like Edgar Cayce, another post) which we know to be the roots and inspiration behind those who choose to take this latent ability a step further.
Astral projection has it’s documented roots in common, world-wide beliefs of an after-life in which the consciousness (or souls) journey (ascent) is defined as “out-of-body experiences” where the energy inside a person separates itself from it’s physical body and travels to a higher (or quicker vibration) where it finds a new dimension or separate reality, when the truth (in my opinion) is more basic and seems to me to have it’s roots in what may seem much more complicated but in actuality is much simpler.  Quantum studies.  The place where answers are definitive.  Energy in this reality of ours is moving so rapidly that most of it is invisible to the human eye and we have no reason to even consider it, as everyday functioning members of society.  We don’t see that ALL of our universe, from the quantum to the ever-expanding universe is completely hidden from our eyes and that if we bothered to study physics or nature itself we’d come to know that separating your energy (spirit, soul etc.) from your physicality (body) is as natural as the splashing of waves upon the shore.

Please allow me to relate one of my personal experiences with Astral Projection; I was in the desert experimenting with peyote on a spiritual journey that had been inspired by Carlos Castaneda and the teachings of the Shaman of the Yaqui Indian spiritual leaders. (more details in earlier posts on Castaneda)  But I had been through a few years training in T.M. (transcendental meditation) where I had undergone several experiences with Astral Projection in completely controlled conditions so I was familiar with what I was attempting when I was suddenly reminded of the hours of repetition involved in the inner chanting one does in advanced meditation practices.  The world around me literally stopped, and my heartbeat along with it.  I recognized my heart stopping because a comfortable numbness gripped me in a soft cradle that I still find difficult to relate properly.  I found myself, floating so FAR above myself that I felt an irresistible compulsion to soar, like a feather or a bird might glide, in an unaware lightness and freedom.  I remember looking to the horizon and then suddenly being there (on the horizon) near the sun and it’s warmth, and simultaneously overlooking a gleaming herd of animals moving in such perfect harmony of direction and timing that I was mesmerized to a point of utter happiness.  A feeling so inexplicable that this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to write it down because the overwhelming awe of it made me feel blessed and insane at the same time.  I still don’t think I can explain the feeling truly ~ perhaps I never will but when I, almost instantaneously, returned to my body in the desert I wept, and not just for a moment, but for (what seemed to me) a long, sustained, sobbing of absolute joy.  I have not been the same man since that day nor have I ..doubted the rewards attainable at the end of focused effort in the arena of meditation. there is much more technique involved here.  I have many classes, aquaintances, and experiences to convey to you in upcoming posts but wanted you to know s an aspect of Metaphysics it is most profound and quite capable as a tool for exploring the universe while sitting in the comfort of your home. I am Dartanion2