rarityHi  guys!!…..don’t let the title of this post mislead you……Rarity……is only ONE of the paths.  But let me elaborate on Rarity for you.  What needs to be recognized about rarity is that in the moment of recognition where metaphysical gifts can be found and brought (with much effort) to fruition, in the sense that, you become capable of actually using what you’ve learned in your daily life, they can be used for good or evil intentions.  If you’ve been following my blog then you know that the foundation for ALL things is energy and energy is incorruptible.  It can however, be harnessed and used for selfish purposes. (but that’s another post)  What I wish to focus on today is how the average person ~ learns to tap into their own metaphysical capabilities.  And ONE way is, in that most interesting opportunity, known as “Rarity”.  In it’s common definition there are words like “something unusual” or “uncommon”, something “esteemed, interesting, or curious.”  My favorite however is “occurrences that are infrequent or of noteworthy scarcity.”  My point is this, when people have dreams or “premonitions” that actually come true the next day, they may sometimes be motivated enough to play the lottery based on their dream or “premonition” and often times they win!!  Then, all their friends and family believe them when they say that it came to them in a dream………but…….what they don’t do……….is recognize the Rarity of the occurrence as an opportunity.  They simply accept it as a “once in a lifetime” gift.   But, what their soul is so desperately trying to tell them is that they have a gift,  and it is in that moment of recognizing the rarity of the gift as an opportunity to develop the ability, rather than benefitting off of the lottery,~ the gift itself becomes a doorway to metaphysical strength and growth of an immeasurable nature.   Metaphysics is still today, misquoted and misunderstood as Ontology, Philosophy, or epistemology. and while these may be gateways to understanding, it is not correct in defining Metaphysics.  It is literally defined as “beyond Physics” and THAT is where you MUST begin…..if you truly wish to delve into the metaphysical ~ to go beyond the fear of what is known and familiar to the mind.  Physics are the laws which we, as humans, base our understanding of the world around us upon.  So, to literally go “beyond physics” you must be willing to jump into the abyss, which your mind will tell you is certain death, but you understand somehow, in your heart, that you CAN survive the jump.  Crazy right?  Wrong!!  Not recognizing the rarity in having a dream (or premonition) that accurately predicts the future ~ now that is CRAZY!  It is FAITH that is the jumping off point for Metaphysics which intimately ties it into spirituality, and that is what MOST books or religions leave out when it comes to the inexplicable ~ It is in the consistency of Rarity, the fact that millions of people have moments in their lives that are so far-fetched, yet consistently occur in old wives tales and locker-room stories, that once the mind is trained to recognize, in those RARE moments, that the ability to jump into the abyss of the unknown & SURVIVE….becomes possible and Metaphysics will then evolve into a word of much greater consequence.  A word that actually is proven to mean the understanding of “Beyond Physics” or the manipulation of the energy around you. That which your eyes do not allow you privilege to.  RARITY, my average friend ~ is where the deepest recesses of yourself is trying to help you recognize your own “singular” gifts and talents ……and ultimately…..a quicker path to reaching the Creator!!   I am Dartanion2…..and that’s the way I see it!!…..cheers….tony