spinal cord stimulator and meHi guys…….sorry it’s been a few days but I my nurse just left, and I promised to keep you updated about what’s going on with me & my health.  For those of you who don’t know I have a “Spinal Cord Stimulator” implanted on my spine to help me deal with the pain in my feet caused by my disease C.I.D.P. (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) it is a disease that is very rare and, in a nutshell, kills the nerve endings in the body, beginning with the peripheral nerves in your feet, hands, teeth to begin with.   It eventually will destroy the Myelin sheath which is the protective covering on the nerves running throughout your body.  The pain got so bad for me last year that walking became so painful that I had to spend most of my time in bed with my feet elevated to find relief.  I was also taking Vicodin, Baclofen, Neurontin etc to help with the pain and then Xanax, Valium, Anti-depressants and mood stabilizers to help deal with the psychological difficulties that come from dealing with chronic pain.  The “Spinal Cord Stimulator” was intended to help reduce the pain to the point where taking so many pills daily would be reduced and thereby helping restore a quality of life for me that would allow me to go back out into the world again instead of being bed-ridden most of the time.  A $166,000.00 operation of which St. Judes representatives, Medicare, and Doctors told me would be entirely covered by them so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the doctor bills because I am on disability and social security.  Well, turns out that the stimulator implant has been a failure because my myelin sheath is not suited to handling so much neuro-stimulation and, in fact, is causing more problems for me than helping my pain relief.(also my bills were not entirely covered and I now have doctor bills nearing $4000.00 and climbing)  This is not always the case because I have spoken to people where they have gotten great relief from their implants.  But for me it has been a nightmare, constantly drained of energy, little pain relief, causing dizziness, and the stimulation has been so uncontrollable that I can’t sleep sometimes, and other times I am getting stimulation in parts of my body that should not be stimulated……this is no fault of the Doctors or the device itself…..it’s because my disease is not compatible with the neuro-stimulation itself…….something that should have been determined before going through the surgeries in the first place.  I think the problem is in the rarity of my disease which will FINALLY be precisely determined with my biopsy upcoming next week.  I wanted you all to know these details because it has made it VERY difficult for me to write.  Especially my blog which normally takes me a couple of hours each day to complete but the extreme tiredness (lack of energy) caused by my implant has made it quite a challenge to complete accurately researched and well related details of my memories concerning my Metaphysical experiences.  But, I am on some new medications now and my stimulator will be removed in the near future so I am hoping to return to my old posting habits (4 or 5 per week) soon.  Georgina Richardson and I currently discussing her role in the future direction of this blog as well……so……we are not giving up or anything we just hit a bump in the road and hope to be back to normal soon.  Thanx so much to everyone for bearing with me through all this craziness……I had surgery last Saturday and I am scheduled for 3 more non-invasive spinal surgeries upcoming……none of which will keep me hospitalized for any length of time……so I’m looking forward to many more fun and interesting posts to come on topics that you’ve been asking me for and also those that you’ve been asking me to finish……..so shout outs to BRAZIL, USA, and ENGLAND (UK), Australia, India, South Africa, Georgia, Spain, France and the other 61 countries that have been supporting my efforts here……….and special hugs and kisses to Georgina Richardson for being my biggest friend and supporter of “METAPHYSICS AND THE MOVIES…..”……..TALK TO YA SOON…….TONY XOXO