intuitionHi guys ~ I thought I’d talk a bit about intuition today……it is the most commonplace occurrence for the metaphysically inclined………most of us have an understanding of the word… is the ability to just know things without them first being proven…… astrology it is in the sign of Scorpio that is most typically representative of this gift.  Many intuitives make excellent Tarot Card readers because this skill gives them an advantage when giving them messages to their clients.  In metaphysical terminology it is sometimes referred to as clairsentience as opposed to clairvoyance because of all the psychic abilities intuition is the most common……….clairvoyance is a developed result of a persons faith in the recognition of the “rarity” of their gift of intuition……..or…… common terms………it is the most common doorway into the development of metaphysical capabilities.  Once a person begins to understand that their intuition is more than coincidence………then…………their motivation to learn more about the subject matter becomes greatly enhanced and trips to the local paranormal bookshop becomes a matter of magnetic “pull” or desire.  Their appetite for more information becomes a driving force in their daily routines and, at some point, they will decide that they have the “Faith” ……or…..they will write it off as folly or coincidence…… is (like most things in this reality) FAITH that drives a person to take action in a given direction………and……it is ACTION that makes a person “stand out” in any profession or endeavor.
Have you ever had a feeling “out of the blue” that you should call an old friend?  And when you do call they respond by saying, ” I was just thinking about you, how weird?!”  That is a VERY basic form of intuition.  It is the minds way of saying ” Hello I’m here!” and is ignored, most times, by the recipient.  But in the case of the Tarot Card reader, rather than giving their client the definition or meaning they have learned from the book they, instead, will rely on what they “know” the images on the cards represent to their particular querent.  Once they begin doing that…..they begin developing the faith required to excel, and they have opened the door to a lifetime of learning and an endless stream of unusual experiences.  In order to handle, or develop them, there are certain steps that must be undertaken……..I’m going to mention several of them now…….but please understand that each of these need to be researched and developed for yourself because, like everything involving humans, INDIVIDUALITY is paramount (key) to understanding one’s self, and NO two people are exactly alike…..
1.) Meditate regularly (extremely important)
2.) Listen to what’s being said, and more importantly, what’s not being said (OMISSION is an important part of communication)
3.) Achieve Clarity ~ (sensing small changes in your immediate environment)
4.) Trust your gut instincts ~ (easier said than done)
5.) Practice (like meditation there are practices that must become as normal as showering everyday)

These are just a few of the things that will be involved once a person begins to find Faith in their intuition.  Remember that intuition is is a word that is used so commonly in everyday conversations, and for most people is just an accepted word that means “having a hunch” and is understood to be a common capability that everyone has.  But when your intuition begins talking to youi…..making you stop in the midst of another task and takes over your current stream of consciousness……then your subconscious is trying to tell you that you have a gift…..a gift that should be pursued ~ because all such gifts are from birthright……and beyond birthright ~ we begin using words for the unknown ~ like God or creator or the stars, and no matter what you believe ~ if you are born with a gift it was given to you for a reason………what you choose to do with that gift comes down to character ~ and most people are inherently good……Faith in the divine or even Faith in Evil are necessary parts of the human condition and both paths lead to the same place, death and the beyond ~ INTUITION is a VERY good thing ~ for it is purity in the grand scheme of the Metaphysical!!……I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it!!…..cheers…..T xo