hi guys……..I have gotten 5 requests for a re-post of “The Abyss” ….a number of people asked for more info on the ocean……..so I’m working on that……….thanx so much for all the interest and support you guys………been shocked really at how much support I’m getting………big hugs-n-kisses to you ALL……..tony xo

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

the abyssHey people, before I go in to the details about the film “The Abyss”, I’d like to offer some little known facts about our Oceans.  What better place to begin than along with THE best movie ever made on the subject of our Oceans.  First of all did you know that 94% of life on earth is Aquatic?..or that 70% of the planet is Ocean, with an average depth of more than 12,400 feet.  Given that light can’t penetrate further than 330ft. below the waters surface, that means most of our planet is in a perpetual state of darkness.  Pretty strange thought don’t ya think? I mean just the word darkness is spooky enough to warrant a little investigation perhaps carrying some lights?(just a thought)  We’ve only, actually, explored 5% of them, we have better maps of the planet Mars than we do of the Ocean’s floor!  This just keeps getting…

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