forever warSometimes I consider this life and the world around me and I can’t help thinking that this place we call reality is hell.  I mean when you see the news and most of it is bad news.  Killings, wars, corruption, death of entire species of life, pollution, rape, and children who have or will never have a chance at experiencing happiness or joy.  When you walk to work you don’t even see the dying beggars on the street in front of you, having been convinced by the media that someone is doing something about it and that we should look out for ourselves and our own group of friends and loved ones.  We never get to see the angels or God or heaven.  Sometimes we see genuine kindness between human beings and we have Faith that there is something better ~ somewhere.  And sometimes we experience the joy of Love.  But for the bigger part of our lives it’s the bad we see or ignore.  It’s the daily routine of doing one thing, acquiring money, so that we can survive and make the lives of those we care about better.  We spend our entire lives working for money.  Yes, sometimes we find good fortune and the time to consider the good in this life or actually see the beauty in the nature, the trees and flowers and mountains and oceans and the spectacular world of grandeur in this reality.  But for the most part we work for money so that we can buy the time for appreciation of God and nature.  So when I consider that I am one of billions of people who work to provide the 1% of us who enjoy the fruits of the rest of our labors I sometimes want to die.  Because I am sure that even if there is no God or heaven that being dead is more liberating than being aware that our mundane lives have little to do with true happiness.  When I am absolutely sure that, having been out of my body, that there is way more to experience beyond this reality and I am in a hurry to get to that place where true happiness may be possible, when this reality provides very few opportunities for happiness, in fact, I have never met one person who could honestly say, that more than a few experiences in there entire lifetime have been happy.  Most people smile and say yes I am happy that I have made better lives for my children or I am happy that I contributed to helping save the rainforest, so yes peoples lives may be dotted with some happy experiences but never admit that their interior lives are hollow and lonely. It’s why I love to spend my time focusing on metaphysics because it there where I see the true potential of humanity and the possibility of experiencing the light of Love that God has provided us within our souls (our spirit).  We spend so much time focusing outwardly when God and true happiness are inside of us, and it is inwardly that I find most interesting and attractive.  So sometimes I want to die because focusing inwardly has taught me to mistrust my eyes and everything that this world pretends to be.  I do not want to commit suicide but I do want to find and reside in the possibility of a separate reality, and the only way there is through faith in Metaphysics and the potential it offers for finding that which we refer to as God………I am dartanion2……and that’s the way I see it……….cheers……..T xo