earth changesSo many crazy days lately ~ so sorry I’ve not been keeping with the blog much  ~ I would like to share with you some thoughts of late. ……..THIS WORLD really is quite the complicated and spectacularly beautiful place that dreams are made of.  When you sit quietly and look, listen, smell, see, taste and recall everything you can ~ in your most serene and secret place, this world can be viewed in it’s stunning appeal and mind-boggling, quintessential, beauty and light.  It makes a man want to live ~ to see another day…………I have often thought that this reality we live in, is the Hell that the Bible speaks of because of its brutality and blood thirsty treatment of living things.  From Kings and Generals to Mother Nature herself ~ death can come in a bloody unexpected moment.  Once that bloody dagger touches a persons immediate circle of family or friends, the mind begins questioning and doubting the World itself.  For me personally, the idea od leaving this world has been a working part of my “self-talk” since my early twenty’s, when suicide and building a cabin in the woods were VERY attractive options.  Like Thoreau at Walden’s pond I have remained in check because, like he ~ I did not want to find my death and suddenly discover that I had not lived at all.  Since that suicide attempt, in my early twenty’s, I have lived full throttle………finding myself in places and situations all over This World that, in retrospect, I would never have thought myself capable of.  For many avid readers Henry David Thoreau’s “WALDEN” was a life changing experience for it having elluded to the idea that walking the “normal” path in life lacked worlds of perspective on one’s environment!  (truly amazing read if you haven’t read it yet)…………..For me, the world was opened up to me by Carlos Castaneda’s first three books on man’s ability to understand and manipulate energy in order to see ourselves from a TOTALLY separate reality.  A reality achieved by Shamanistic meditative practices and altered states of consciousness.  So as I’ve listened, learned, participated in, explored, and meditated with different people, from different cultures all over this world of ours ~ I have come to see that spirituality is a constant.  Whether it be in a profound sense of Atheism or a profound sense of religious fervor, the one thing that spins on without question ~ is the World itself ~ it is like the mother of all things in the minds of humanity.  It is taken for granted, it is revered, it is abused, and it is being healed………and like human beings themselves it is constantly evolving toward the day of it’s death.  This World is us ~ and We are This World.  A magnificent enigma, rare and precious in the grand scheme of our ever-expanding universe ~ and dressed appropriately in the shining glow of God’s Love and incomprehensible gifts………..I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it………….cheers……….T xoxo