salindarha shadow warrior2 Hi guys!!  Here’s the third of the 25 “Woman Warrior” pieces for the empowering women through poetry series!!……  The others can be found at my work-station ~ COSMOFUNNEL. COM………If you’ve been following my blog then you know this is part of the series that will have contributing art-work by Marvel and DC comic book artists ~much like the picture above.(above artwork from Google Images)  For more info. see the other posts here on my blog.  This is typical of most of the series where women are under complete control of their respective environments.  THIS is one of my favorites………SALINDARHA, from a race of blind women warriors………hope you enjoy……..


With one last, mighty exertion, she thrust herself upward, reared back with no inhibitions
She moved through the night like a glove on the hand of her sword gleaming like a premonition
She sheathed her “Revenge”, to conceal her position….

The swift blast of heat almost snuffed out her awareness of being alone
She heard a distant wailing, it took only a moment to realize the voice was her own
Through years and years they learned weaponry’s training and magical precision
Salindarha was from a race where blindness was quite prevalent amongst it’s women
Consequently, all of their other senses were distinctive, and extremely advanced
So sensing the heat from below, she became shadow and she began to dance
Along the edge of the volcano and with the stealth of a feather, she began to descend
And sizing up the numbers below she began formulating her cunning attack
The twenty-three savages had just wounded and raped seven of her friends
Salindarha had been away from their dwellings, practicing with her sword, “Revenge”
It had been foretold:
That a woman warrior from her race, would one day gain sight and wield the sword
To protect the blind women of the tribe ~ she had just gained her sight the night before
Now, with all her skills and her sight she held “REVENGE” in her hands
And as wrath began boiling over in her ~ in an instant ~ she had a plan
She could smell the stink, of heathen death upon them, as she moved through shadow
They could not see her around their camp, a skill she had long-ago mastered
In one swift motion, “Revenge” was out of it’s sheath, and set ablaze
Moving with the powerful wind, of a helicopter blade
She was so fast, that the savages stood stunned
As heads began dropping like leaves, one-by-one
And with bodies still standing, blood spurted like fountains from their necks
The sword bright with blood, in moments, all were dead
Except for seven savages, who stood bleeding
And completely amazed….

She came to an abrupt halt just in front of them, as they began slowly backing away
She asked loudly, with her green eyes ablaze, “Any last words to say?”
But before they could utter a word they were slashed through their cocks and legs
She screamed, “I’m waiting for you ALL to beg!!”
For her seven sisters they had raped, and now she would take home their genitals
To be placed on display
And instead of ending their lives, she just left them writhing in pain
She licked the blood from “REVENGE”
And with their cocks in her hands
Just like the shadows
She slowly, faded away……..

Tony Taylor    (Chicago)