marsMars~ the fourth planet from the sun.  Men have been talking about this planet forever!!  Since the Roman’s called one of their God’s Mars!!  The God of war!!  Now, we have found that there is water there it is uppermost in the minds of scientists and NASA as well.  It is a mistake.  Mars will never be anything more than a tourist attraction or jumping off point for the real action in our universe ~ we suddenly find ourselves at a point of critical speculation but what we are not considering is that we are standing right before the secret of the world itself, the place where being passes into appearance.  Where the power of the mind, once again, offers genius a playground.  Genius, that place that helps repair man’s immaturity of rational thought and consideration of the decay caused by complacency.  Emerson once wrote ” The universe is the externalization of the soul” ~ he was absolutely right.  Just like many of the spiritual thinkers hundreds of years before him.  Wherever there is the spark of life that spark externalizes itself, around itself, to help understand the intimacies of itself.  Without this reaction to life bursting it’s way into appearance, there would be no reason for intellect, reason, or understanding.  The fact that man has become so infatuated with the “red planet” is merely the mind’s way of allowing genius to continue the quest at the innermost of ALL THINGS.  The introspection and the enigmatic nature of understanding drives humanity forward through the use of imagery.  In this case Mars as a central distraction of the minds ability to understand itself.  We, as a species are stepping into territory that is much more powerful than science.  Science is for wimps, always going astray with the elevation of man, keeping in step with religion and metaphysics so as to somehow keep power in the hands of those who recognize chaos as a possible threat to the reigns of power over their fellow human beings.  EVERYTHING in nature answers to a moral power, NOT a scientific or human invention of any kind.  The nature of all existence bursts into being and that burst is beyond human comprehension ~ it is what we call God for lack of a better term.  If you’d like to be a GREAT scientist then grow some real balls and explore the universe of the soul, mind, and initial spark of life itself.  Try a sensory deprivation chamber and see if your mind takes you to Mars!!  NO friggin’ way!!  It takes you way beyond.  It takes you into the universe where understanding becomes irrelevant and spiritual oneness becomes uppermost in your awareness.  These ideas become so deep that all human intellect falls away and mind begins to seek it’s creator.  It is this subject matter that caused me to begin this blog, ENERGY, Metaphysics, the key to the answers that we all seek.  “Who am I?”  “Where do I come from?”  Now if you want to play around with Mars and science ~ fine! ~ but if you’re truly interested in some answers while you’re in this lifetime ~ then try seeking answers in the universe that created everything we know.  That initial burst of life or energy that is within you.   That thing that we call God is waiting for you there, and when you get there, remember, you’ll have to make a decision ~ whether or  not you want to return to that which we know as physicality or, be a deep space explorer of the human soul and the existence of ALL THINGS!!  I am Dartanion2 and I have MUCH more to say on this thing we call understanding………….cheers………T xo