brazilHi guys ~ I have been wanting to speak on this subject matter for some time now, so  I’m going to start  with basic facts and then blow your mind in posts number 3 and 4!!   Brazil was occupied by hunter-gatherer tribes centuries ago ~ in fact there is evidence indicating life there dating back to 9000BC.  Consequently there were many legends and bits of lore passed down for countless generations well before South America began being colonized and inhabited by other cultures from the 16th century onward  The original myths and legends then began being woven together with influences from African slaves, Portuguese settlers, and Europeans, the most influential of which were the Germans and the Polish.  Remarkably, the influence of the Catholic saints became a HUGE influence on the development of the modern day belief systems of Brazilian citizens.  There are so many legends and folkloric stories interwoven with Brazilian beliefs that it has become the most diverse belief  system in the WORLD ~ (for it’s religious beliefs and practices).  I speak of it with you here today because it is the “ideal” springboard for Metaphysical gifts to sprout in this world.  Brazil’s development of Metaphysical faith and practices is similar to how America’s spiritual values developed.  Catholicism mixed with the indigenous and the imported.   The big difference is in it’s diversity.  This fusion of hundreds of faiths ~ is so complex that it continually manifests itself as a world view of God…”That ANYTHING is possible with good intent”………it’s commonly referred to as “Religious Syncretism”.  This most profound religious mixture stems mainly from Africa where centuries of slavery forced them across the Atlantic Ocean carrying nothing but their own faiths and beliefs.  They were all forced into Catholicism but they still maintained their own beliefs and associated their own entire spectrum of god’s to Catholic Saints and Icons.  For example in Brazil,  it is quite normal for a devout Christian to believe in reincarnation.   It is common thinking that it takes a few earthly existences to help one perfect their errors in a constant cycle of self improvement.  Anyone who has been on the beach in Rio de Janeiro on New years Eve has seen thousands of believers dressed in white, making offerings to the ocean by sending out small floating altars while chanting Catholic prayers.  BUT………the most interesting thing, and the reason I’m planning four more posts on BRAZIL, is that you never really see or hear people speaking with contempt against any other religion.  If they like something that they here or learn they simply incorporate that idea into their own personal belief system ~ which is ALL, of course, motivated by their search for God.

            In my opinion Brazil, from the lower classes to the upper middle classes , has the lowest amount of religious tension in the entire world.  There’s a lot French and Portuguese influence but what makes Brazil so “special” is that, in general, “Anything that is conceivable is possible.”  It is in their open-mindedness, an open-mindedness instilled at birth and nurtured throughout lifetimes that breeds Metaphysical potential.  If you want to learn anything having to do with Metaphysics……..from Astral Projection, Telepathy, Santeria, Wicca, Black Magic, White Magic, Telekinesis, Ayahuasca, Universal Religion, Self-Healing, Ancient Architecture, pagan rituals, Ancient Aliens, Dolphins, Altered States Of Consciousness, Stigmata, and anything that requires an open mind ~ THEN, spend some time in Brazil.  It will change your life if you know what you’re looking for before you get there.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for………then you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of the coolest party atmosphere’s on the planet earth………..MUCH more to come on BRAZIL……..I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it………….cheers………T xo