he will be thereHi guys ~ guess that title has your curiosity peeked.  As it should.  The reason I say that so easily is because when people find out that I write a blog on Metaphysics, inevitably someone asks, “So what’s the deal about our Universe expanding?”  The truth is I began this blog because I believe that Energy is the key to understanding everything about our Universe, God, and our (humans) latent, metaphysical, capabilities.  I will spend the rest of my life studying and learning everything I can, by whatever means possible, to prove my hypothesis correct.  I am on a path right now to gaining the credentials to be able to spend some time in the Vatican Library where I believe I will find some of the answers I’m looking for.  Not ALL.  For I believe that many of the answers I’m looking for will manifest through metaphysical approaches and observations.  Having said that, let us approach this question of our Universe expanding.  Everything about this blog is inherently about Energy, and to understand the Universe you have no choice but to understand the workings of energy.  Since many of you have been following this blog you already know the basics so I will give a brief accounting here so that I may answer that question for any newcomers.  These are the basic facts.  Everything in the entire universe is made of energy.  That includes human beings, thoughts, water, the planet earth, the ring on your finger, the moon, your breath, your computer and anything else you can name or think of……..it’s all energy that has been manipulated one way or another to form MATTER.  Since Einstein’s theory was proven we know that matter can be converted into energy which means that the two are interchangeable or matter = energy.  Now, to the point!  Energy can be measured so we can always talk about an amount of energy no matter what unit of measure we are using.  The Universe is an entirely different story.  You CANNOT measure the Universe.  The reason is that we don’t measure the Universe the way we measure energy.  There are several ways of looking at this problem.  You could consider the Universe as simply being its VOLUME.  Volume is by definition ~ “an amount of space.”  So, the Universe is an amount of space with energy in it.  Some Physics masters have thought to measure the Universe by the amount of Matter within the Universe but again Einstein’s theory comes into play where all matter is interchangeable with energy so we’re basically discussing different forms, or interchangeable “states”, of the same force.  Either way this doesn’t really address the problem.  In the 1970’s we sent probes into deep space that are still sending back information about our Universe.  Technically, we have not defined the volume of the Universe.  We haven’t reached the end so we don’t know if the Universe is finite or if it is Infinite.  So when you hear someone saying that the Universe is expanding……..they are NOT saying that it is expanding physically, they ARE saying that our awareness of, and our information concerning the parameters of our Universe IS expanding.  As of today, we do NOT know if our Universe is infinite or if it is Finite.  Our hypothesis about the Big Bang certainly points to a finite amount of energy being released at the birth of our Universe.  Which, to my mind, logically suggests that there is a finite amount of energy within the confines of a finite Universe that we are still exploring and trying define.  However, it is also possible that there is an infinite amount of energy in an ever expanding Universe.  The truth is, when you hear someone say that our Universe is constantly expanding ~ what they are actually saying is that our knowledge about our Universe is constantly expanding whether they know it or not.  The question of the parameters of our Universe is one of the hottest topics in all of science today.  It’s being debated by scientists and lay people, like myself, all over the world daily.  I hope this gives you some clarity.  What it has done for me personally is that whenever someone asks me that question from now on ~ I can just say, “Check out my blog for the answer!” (smiles)……..thanx for hanging with me through that explanation.  I hope that some day soon the answer you’re looking for will be more definitive.  I know that this sounds like a convoluted answer but the truth only works one way, and the truth is ~ no one has proof positive about how big our Universe truly is, so there is NO way to give a positive answer one way or the other………..   I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it!…………cheers………tony xo