metaphysicsWhen I was a boy I wanted to be a priest.  My Mother tells me that I went to the Church all the time ~ anytime the doors were open just to be in there.  Not for years or anything like that but there WAS a period when it was important to me.  I grew up Catholic so I did the whole first communion, catechism,  confirmation thing.  Somewhere inside of me I have ALWAYS known there was a GOD!!  Singular.  One God for all people with just different names according to culture.  But as I got to my 12th Birthday I was convinced that the Catholics didn’t have it right, I mean the intent was right but the practice was lacking.  I gathered this by a few disappointing occurrences in Church itself.  Things that made me ill to consider or even mention here.  I was a boy and it scared me.  So, ever since being disappointed I have been looking for God, mind you I had no idea that “searching” was what I was doing, I was just exploring to my mind, but no matter what it was that I was doing, or participating in, I ALWAYS found side trips to power places, tribal rituals, meditations, magic, pyramids, ruins, etc ~ all over the world.  I ALWAYS wanted to know what was “behind the curtain” kinda thing.  So I worked in a magic shop, I was a tour manager taking Europeans around the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  I was in bands traveling the country, writing songs and lyrics and constantly writing poetry my entire life.  I worked at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC and as the National Symphony orchestra would rehearse, I would sit in the “Presidential Box” smoke a joint and write poetry.  I have done Sensory deprivation chambers, Mushroom Ceremonies with Indians in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, Followed Carlos Castaneda’s path through Pima Arizona and into Mexico to meet the Yaqui Indians with the successful introduction to some shaman who taught me how to achieve out of body experiences and on and on ~ all the time looking for the man behind the curtain.  I simply had to know if there REALLY was a God!  I had NO IDEA that throughout my travels around the world, and every state in this country that I was taking notes and documenting, in different ways, everything.  Poems, stories, songs, magazines, and EXTRAORDINARY acquaintances.  So when I got sick 4 years ago I found I had Notebooks filled with information.  All of it seemed to be aimed at spirituality and Metaphysics.  It was then I decided to write a blog since I had accumulated so much material.  I was actually in shock when I realized that I had a definitive goal in mind.  Metaphysics and Spirituality leading me to that which so many of us refer to as God.  Now, for the very first time in my life, I know what I want to do.  Also, I actually like myself for the very first time.  I actually get up every day needing to write and do research.  I have been housebound for the past three years so I have had a LOT of time to catch myself up on the missing reading and research needed to declare that I will be getting a degree in Metaphysics, and finishing my first book.  I have already written over 800 poems at my work-station COSMOFUNNEL.COM ~ if you care to read some of my work there in the poetry section of this creative site for painters and poets under the name Tony Taylor which is my given name, I completed three new songs for Dan LaMaestra and The Naval Jazz Ensemble which plays for the White House, I have completed 150 poems for a book of poems entitled “Cherie’s Inspiration”, been published in two spiritual books on poetry and completed over three hundred posts for this blog  ~ which concerns itself with ENERGY and Metaphysics.  The reason for the degree in Metaphysics is because along with that degree you receive Clergy Credentials which will allow me to get on the waiting list to get into The Vatican Library ~ one of my big dreams……Ultimately I hope to be able to speak to people about energy and God.  My book is already outlined and I believe with these last three years of daily writings I am ready to publish a book revealing some extraordinary metaphysical experiences, life as a Mulatto Man, and relationships with a number of “very recognizable” actors and musicians and various Hollywood types.  I am writing this now , off the cuff,  because I want my sons to know in case anything goes wrong with my health issues…….but the whole truth is ~ it’s something I really need to do for myself as well.  I have found my path in life ~ I am a writer………and brother ~ have I got a story to tell………….I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it…………cheers…….T xo