metaphysics and the moviesThe day I had my very first lesson in Meditation and the reason that it was so symbiotic and natural to the course of a person’s life, was a day I shall never let go of worshiping and casting a gentle eye toward the heavens in quiet gratitude for.  It changed me in a split second of self-realization.  I knew ~ I have always known (although I pretend that I don’t) that I was given a gift of NEVER quite fitting in with everyone.  What I am trying to convey is much more complex than that simple sentence so allow me to elaborate as I write this “off the cuff” for you today unexpectedly ~ Life has a way of doing the unexpected.  Don’t misunderstand, I have some pretty impressive social skills it’s just that I never quite liked the idea of showing my hole card to anyone, today, I will show one.  I was in the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Washington DC, when a co-worker, a young black woman who was studying at Georgetown University, asked me if I’d like to join her for a “quick meditation” after work.  I told her that I didn’t know anything about it and she told me it didn’t matter it was just a relaxation technique that she had learned to help her with her crazy-busy life.  I agreed not knowing that what was about to happen would change my life forever.  She called it a white light meditation.  We found a quiet spot, not hard to do in the Kennedy Center, especially when you work there, where we sat comfortably and she told me to close my eyes and begin to find my comfortable breathing.  I assumed she meant just to breathe normally when she asked me to close my eyes and look for the light.  I had no idea what she was talking about and she knew it, because she said quietly, ” just continue to look at the inside of your eyelids and the light will come. ” I didn’t speak ~ I was afraid I’d interrupt her practice so I followed along when suddenly I could see a light.  I said I can (and i’ll never forget this) “I can see a lavender light.” she didn’t speak.  So I followed the light.  It was a dot in the vast darkness.  I continued to focus on it and it began to grow and seemed to move toward me.  She whispered, “Let the light turn white.” In a few moments it did.  She whispered again, “Follow my voice, let the light come to rest above your person like a little sun and then watch the bottom of it open.  As it opens, it begins to pour down inside of you,  first, filling your head with a light that feels warm, comforting, helping, healing, energizing, and as it begins to work its way through your neck and into your chest area repeat the words, comforting, helping, healing, energizing, purifying ! ~ into your legs now, helping, healing, energizing, purifying, until it fills your entire body with warmth, helping, healing, energizing, purifying !”~ my entire body felt so wonderful I was in Love.  I was in love from that very first encounter with the power.  When I opened my eyes she was looking directly at me.  She hadn’t kept her eyes closed at all.  She had been guiding me through my first white light meditation.  She smiled and said ” Tony, no one see’s the lavender light on their very first try.  You were born with something very special.”  After that she stood and wrote something down on the back of a business card.  I thought she was trying to sell me on a course in meditation or something, but she wasn’t.  In fact, I never saw her again.  When I asked about her at work they said her studies wouldn’t allow her to work any longer.   That was all.  The business card that she had given me was for a book shop in Georgetown near the University.  It is named “YES!”  Yes book shop.  On the back of the card she had written the words ~ “you should frequent this place my friend!.  Hugs – Cleo “…..and I did for several years, getting books on everything from TM to Edgar Cayce………she and the shop, and the moment of lavender light had changed me forever.  It has led me to the ability to use my third eye in meditation’s now and to call up the warm feeling ~ that encompasses me and holds me in its Love whenever and wherever I need it.  Of course I’ve left out a WHOLE LOT of learning and experiences to get from the lavender light to the “Third Eye” but I needed to share this with you so that you will be able to begin to comprehend my back story ~ because~ I’m going to go into some pretty heavy duty shit coming up in my posts soon and it’s important that you know that CLEO was not just an accident or a coincidence of some kind………she’s so much more than that.  She knew then, 36 years ago that I’d be writing this post right now.  Hard to believe?  Hell yes it’s hard to believe.  I had no intention of writing this post last night, but, when I woke up this morning………well, guess I better save something for the upcoming posts, right?………..I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I began learning it!!…………smiles………T xo