angel in the darkOur faith, our beliefs, come to us in moments of recognition and in those moments we find that we place more importance on those “epiphany’s” and “out of body experiences” than any other moments of our entire lives.  We use them to guide our lives.  We say to our closest friends ~ “here’s something I haven’t told anyone else in my entire life!”……..and in those “pass it on” moments our lives actually do mean something.  The most profound moments of our entire lives are passed on to another soul with whom we find we have an affinity for or with.  We give up the past to the ideal listener in order to move onto that thing we call hope. We find way’s to explain hope in such random and “per chance” type conversations that we fail to recognize that hope was actually born in those small moments of epiphany’s and out of body experiences even though when they occurred they were the most important things to ever have affected us.  And so, we pass on through the rest of our lives speaking of our hopes and dreams and strangely unaccepting of those most powerful moments when we actually opened the doorways to the soul and the profound wisdom of the metaphysical.  Why is it that the soul remains so separate from our acceptance of the unfairness and cruelty we find in most of our waking hours in this lifetime?  We “hope’ and yet we forget that we were “gifted” in profound moments of realization.  Why are we unable to remain in those moments?  Why are we so transfixed on the mundane and  cruel repetition of our lives?  We get up each day accepting of the idea that we must do our part by contributing our time to someone else’s dreams and ambitions?  ” Why do men fee that the natural history of man has never been written, but he is always leaving behind what you have said of him, and it becomes old, and books of Metaphysics worthless?” ~ This last quote and previous ideas are not my own they are thoughts and ideas I have learned from a man named Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ one of my Hero’s in this life.  He helps me think beyond myself.  He helps me consider from afar, that which is near.  Or, to place myself on the moon and then turn my head back to look at this earth and what is happening upon it, the huddled masses doing the same things day in and day out, like ants in an ant farm.  From that removed point of view our lives can appear unimportant but the lesson to be learned to here is NOT that.  It is in the recognition of the life-force of the beings walking on the face of the earth for when you consider life from a distant perspective it becomes blatantly obvious that the life-force inside of men is descending into it from a place that we do not, yet, understand.  There is no book or University to explain to us where our life-force from hails from.  We constantly acknowledge that within our daily occurrences and coincidences in this lifetime of ours that there is a higher place or origin of the totality of things and yet we do not explain them, we simply accept that there is a heaven, or a God from whence all things stream into us, into our soul.  Our soul, that place we know innately is there and yet, once again, we cannot explain it.  We do however, recognize the common heart we all share, the commonality of Love and it’s most pure and pristine example of humanity’s goodness.  It is of this pure bent of our nature that every man, at some point in his life, is profoundly aware.  The SOUL circumscribes all things,  freedom, power, Love… abolishes time and space.  It is the soul where re all things are born. There would be no existence without the soul itself for when we think about it or write about it ~ it is the only word that man has no understanding of ~ and the reason that it is truth is because of it’s link to the life-force (or spirit) for which we have no comprehension or even words to describe it……….so like Emerson when we sit up on the moon and look down at the planet earth and the beings inhabiting it we can see an energy linking them all together but we cannot explain where that stream of life-force or energy (spirit) streams from, hails from, comes from……….We as human beings have been given an incomprehensible gift that unites us all as one and yet we live our live separately and consider ourselves more important than one another.  I think that which has created us all would be VERY impressed if we could understand the strength we could find in the unity of that which Emerson termed “The Over-Soul” and put it to some good and loving, utilitarian use  The soul is the most profound thing ever to happen to the known galaxy, perhaps its time recognize it for what it is and then get on with the business of finding our creator.  ….I am Dartanion2 …….and that’s the way I see it………cheers ……tony xo