Featured Image -- 1962Extra sensory perception (a subset of Metaphysics) is what I’d like to discuss today.  ESP has been around so long that we, as human beings, have forgotten how it became a working part of language itself.  I agree with FREUD (1856-1939) who theorized, “…that Telepathy may have been the original method by which individuals understood one another. (Then) as a better means of communication evolved ~ one that could be readily intelligible to the sensory organs ~ the original, archaic methods were pushed into the background of the subconscious where they may still persist, waiting to manifest themselves under certain conditions.”
This hypothesis of FREUD’S, is one of the most astute to come out in support of Metaphysical potential from the world of Science.  It is currently, glaringly obvious to Psi researchers the world over, that some individuals are able to draw on their latent ESP abilities.  Some gifted individuals are even able to make regular and practical use of their, seemingly rare, vestigial organs and potential.  Mother Earth is crying out to us for protection, rainforests dying, the scarcity of water on this planet is fast approaching, the polar caps screaming to us to take some action.  We are currently living in the times the FREUD theorized about.  It will be men and women from every culture and country who’s abilities will be called into play, and not for any other reason than ~ “Human evolution has reached a point of critical mass.”  We must continue to evolve with masterful intentions and singular purpose!!  That purpose?  To save our mother, to save our planet, or to once again, like so many times in our past ~ find our civilization (as we understand it today) DESTROYED! ~ because Mother Nature will do just as any other living organism would naturally do…… Attempt to save itself by creating Earth Changes and controlling the virus which is threatening its existence.  In this case, much like many of our past “Great Civilizations” ~ Humanity is the virus and our only hope is to negotiate with our host……. and we can only do that by manifesting our true spirituality, or that which we refer to as ESP or Metaphysics.  We MUST communicate with our host and our host is our planet……. or……. Mother Nature herself.
YES!!  I AM aware of the implications of what I’m suggesting here, ……Extreme doom and gloom at its core ~ BUT ~ we ARE endowed with abilities to control and manipulate energy…. We’ve proven this fact over and over again ~ Man on the Moon, the original DNA model by Crick and partner, the Internet……. If you had mentioned such a thing to someone in the 1500’s you would be hung for heresy.  So please, remain open minded and take a look around you.  Our planet needs our united Love and devotion…….. and in this humble man’s opinion, for most assuredly I am no scholar….. but…..I am capable of being involved in the search for truth.  The fact that I feel deep inside the minds eye of my personal meditations and intuitive Metaphysical experiences that have been compiling themselves over the past 30 plus years……..EVERYTHING is pointing directly at helping those with extraordinary abilities to come forward, for they certainly are not boasting about their gifts because it would be a type of social suicide for someone so beautifully gifted……. these gifted individuals need no explanation for what I am suggesting here…….WE need you, and if by some extraordinary coincidence you have found your way to this precise post on this most out of the way blog……… could it be that it was NO coincidence at all?  It’s time to start believing……..I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it………. cheers……….T xo