contactHi guys!!…….so have you seen this movie?……I want to speak about this movie again because I’ve gotten some emails about my original post so let’s talk about it.  First of all you know I had to write about this one be cause of the Metaphysical implications and the Spirituality involved but what about the potential for discovering alien life?  Like Carl Sagan said and Jodie Foster delivers in the film as well when looking up into the night sky, ” Well if there isn’t life out there somewhere, it sure would be an awful waste of space!”  It’s hard to disagree with that quote in my opinion.  When you think about the enormity of the universe it would be kind of naive to believe otherwise………but……..then there’s the argument that is rocking the world of science today.  What’s the argument?  Try Stephen J Meyer’s book “Signature In The Cell” ~ DNA and the evidence for intelligent design.  That book and a LOT of my recent research has been making my mind a sponge ~ soaking up everything I can find on “Intelligent Design” and I have found it to be a serious argument against the idea that Aliens exist ~ but lets get to the film first for those of you haven’t seen this amazing film.  Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey are perfectly cast in this movie as lead characters, love interests, and opposing forces in what is one of the best films on the potential for alien life I have ever seen.  The intricacies of this movie are so compelling that I’ve actually watched it, all the way through, 7 times.  I just adore Matthew McConauhey’s character ~ Palmer Joss ~ He’s just my kind of guy. (hope I’m spelling McConaughey correctly)  Joss is a spiritual man, open minded, a degree a Theology or as he calls himself “You could call me a man of the cloth, just without the cloth.  But, he’s not the only compelling character here ~ Tom Skerrit, James Woods, and Angela Bassett all give stellar performances as well.  But there is no doubting that this Jodie Foster’s movie.  Carl Sagan wrote the book and was the driving force behind getting this movie made.  His wife also played a big role in its initial concept in 1979.  The film finally came out over 20 years later in 1997, surrounded by controversy and law suits……..but regardless of all the side-show antics it went on to gross over 170 million dollars at the box office, and deservedly so.  It is a marvel to behold in every aspect, from special effects to dialogue.  It is dripping with talent and skillful manipulation of the medium of filmmaking.  Brilliant is NOT a big stretch where this film is the movieThe film opens with Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) as a young girl being encouraged by her father to explore the stars and use a short-wave radio set-up to “Contact” unknown people and to listen for the indiscernable sounds of the Universe.  Her relationship with her father is the driving force behind her character.  She grows up and eventually joins the staff of SETI.  (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)  She gains a VERY big reputation for being a rebel and outsider of sorts.  Under the pressure of a threat to shut down SETI she works day and night searching the skies, until the inevitable happens.  She discovers a signal repeating a sequence of prime numbers apparently sent from the planet VEGA.  This announcement causes the National Security Council to attempt to take over control of the facility.  But it all becomes irrelevant when the signal she found is shown to have buried within in its context ~ of all things~ Adolph Hitler’s welcoming address at the opening of the very first Olympic Games in 1936 Berlin.  As you can imagine” All Hell Breaks Loose” from that moment on.  Then the incredible is discovered………interwoven just beneath the surface of the signal is over 60,000 pages of technical drawings and schematics that reveal a machine that can,  inside a pod, transport a single occupant somewhere in the Universe.  At which point the race is on to see who will be the person to represent humanity to wherever the transport might take them.  I’m sure you can imagine a LOT of what happens next but I can’t ruin the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. A Lot of people were disappointed with ending of this movie….I was NOT………..but I am a seeker by nature……..I have spent my entire life in pursuit of the truth about this reality………so NOTHING seems to far fetched to me……….but I will say this………that the scientists currently working at and through Cambridge in the UK are all coming to a conclusion about the theory for intelligent design vs. the existence of alien life forms right now……….during these very days in which we are now living……..that will blow away the global thinking of religion and Science alike…….so be prepared my friends………’s not our planet that is in a LOT of trouble here……….it’s human understanding that is about to undergo major upheavals that will lead to the healing of the planet and the exploration of our galaxy……… my opinion, this movie is a MUST SEE film……..if not only for its stimulating conversation after having seen it………..I am Dartanion2 ………and That’s the way I see it…………..peace……….T xo