thinking clearlyHey guys, I have been getting so many hits and inquiries about my earlier posts about this subject matter that I thought it prudent to share more and reiterate some of my earlier thoughts and experiences with PRECOGNITION or Second Sight.  Firstly, the main argument that you get from skeptics about this innate ability is that science hasn’t proven that it possible at all.  That argument is ridiculous.  I have traveled the globe in search of truth for many, many years.  From the pyramids at Teotihuacan to most power points on the globe and in doing so I have spoken to thousands of people who, in EVERY instance, have agreed that they know someone who has had a dream that has manifested in reality, AFTER having had the dream.  THAT is the foundation for the proof that PRECOGNITION exists, and will become more and more prevalent in mainstream media discussion as time continues to push the evolution of the mind and its unlimited metaphysical capabilities.  Have you ever had a friend who says suddenly, “Wow! I just had Déjà Vu!!  I dreamt that I did this before!”?  It is quite common for the mind to feed a person information about future events or places using paranormal means.  Most commonly, in the form of dreams.  But what I find so fascinating is the fact that ~ even the people that stand firmly behind the belief that it is impossible to glimpse the future, also have a grandmother or crazy aunt that they know to have had these precognitive dreams(and believe that they are being truthful) and then STILL go out into the world each day, professing that “It is NOT possible”.  Society has so conditioned people to be a follower that they would rather lie to themselves and others, rather than be embarrassed in the face of public scrutiny.  Here’s a simple fact that no one seems to care to discuss.  Of course I am speaking of the common layperson and not Parapsychologist and etc…………. the fact is that in every single culture on the face of the earth, within their histories, legends, and lore, which all derive from storytelling being passed down for thousands of years, there are VERY profound examples of people with precognitive capabilities.  Now remember that we are talking about cultures that didn’t even know the others existed at the time.  So to ignore such an obvious commonality is quite simply ignorant.

Personally, I have been trained in various advanced meditation techniques and explored others that are dangerous to many, all in the search for truth.  That being said, I am obviously writing from a point of view of literally “knowing” that this ability is alive and constantly being researched by some of the leading minds in Universities and “Special Studies” groups the world over.  The idea that PRECOGNITION exists ~ is already a proven fact.  It’s just that people who truly possess and use this ability well, DO NOT advertise the fact for all of the obvious reasons.  They would lose their personal freedoms and be used by governments and criminal organizations ~ their lives as they know them to be, would be over.  We’re not talking about those who have precognitive dreams here ~ which are the most common, we’re speaking of people who are trained mystics (or seers), those who can experience future events in their waking state.  This way of seeing the future is MUCH less common, but it is also more likely to be capable of being directed by conscious intent.  If you were to train your intuitive senses (through meditation etc.) to grow in strength, it WILL become easier and easier for you to access a precognitive state. For the average person this only occurs in the dream state because they are not consciously aware that they even possess the ability, much less ~ have any clue about how to access it.  For a professional psychic or a trained amateur, it IS possible to focus on specific future events using a number of different techniques ~ AND ~ accomplish this while fully awake and aware, making it much easier to recall information as opposed to the dreamer who quickly loses information upon awakening.loving yourselfAs with all types of metaphysical abilities, there are many doubters, even though many average people who do not consider themselves as “psychic”, HAVE experienced precognitive dreams.  Still there remains those who will argue with you, until they’re blue in the face, that PRECOGNITION is fake.  The really sad part about all of this is that the people who have had these dreams are indoctrinated into believing that it is simply a bad case of stress or some other “common malady” that fits their present need to explain it away.  Even skeptics have trouble disproving this ability……. and their MAIN argument is ALWAYS that science has not yet proven it’s existence.  Silly isn’t it?  A lack of scientific corroboration is NOT proof that something is fake! It’s just a lack of proof.  I say it’s silly because most of this planets population believes in their own version of GOD ~ but science has yet to prove that God exists.  So, what does that tell you about science? 

           Here’s a direct quote for your consideration, “…..experiments have been conducted in precognitive dreaming at the sleep laboratories, of the Maimonides Medical Center, in precognitive hallucinations and visions.  While such experiments have produced some suggestive evidence for PRECOGNITION, they have been somewhat limited to studies of selected participants, and have involved procedures that can be too expensive for other researchers to replicate, or too complex to theoretically interpret.” ~ HEY!! ~ I leave it to you my friends, is there something going on that we simply don’t have access to yet from our own leaders?  Personally, again, I have trained with teachers who are capable of SO much more……… try a sensory deprivation chamber for yourself, and see where your mind is capable of taking you………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it!!………….. cheers…………T xo