SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR ~ the latest truth

spinal stimulatorHi guys!!……I have been putting off this latest installment concerning my health because things have been VERY complicated.  First, I have two more surgeries coming up in the next week and I wanted to be clear about what’s happening with the stimulator because I am getting SO MUCH response to these posts that I didn’t want inaccuracies to be a part of it.  My first surgery, on Saturday upcoming, is on my spine.  The reason being, my stimulator is finally starting to work properly………let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR!!……When I first got my permanent implant, my Doctor, Dr. Konstantin Slavin at University of Illinois Chicago (U.I.C.) told me that it would take about a year for my body’s physiology to adjust to the device.  A few months ago I thought that it was a load of crap because the Stimulator was causing more problems than I thought necessary.  It does cause unforeseen problems…….but…….in recent weeks the tremulousness in my chest and arms has vanished completely.  THAT was a HUGE problem because the tremulousness was causing psychological problems ~ namely, for me ~ that I was no longer in control of my own body and that turning off the device DID NOT turn off the tremulousness.  THAT, was driving me crazy.  But now that it is gone (the tremulousness) I am able to recognize the help that my feet are receiving because of the neuro-stimulation provided by my spinal implant.  I actually called my pain management Doctor and asked him to lower my dosage of Hydrocodone daily.  That is a VERY big deal in the world of pain management ~ and for me personally ~ it gave me a new-found confidence in my stimulator.  Now, that is NOT to say that things are perfect because they’re not.  But, the Spinal Cord Stimulator IS doing its job.  It hasn’t completely freed me up from pain but it HAS reduced the pain by what I would like to guess-timate as 30%.  It’s hard to put numbers on these things because I have a VERY strange disease and the stimulator implant is also causing some previously non-existent back pain but I think we’re going to clear that up with my upcoming surgeries which will allow me to walk better and thereby bettering my quality of life.  There are still a lot of “ifs” left to be dealt with but I thought it only fair to my Doctors to tell the truth here because my last two posts on the stimulator blew up my email with thousands of negative messages and I don’t want to take part in anything that diminishes the possibilities of the “intent” or progress that this device has made over the years.  That being said, there IS something that needs to be conveyed.  My friend Cherie, who has a progressively worsening case of peripheral neuropathy went to her Doctor complaining of foot pain , nothing as dramatic as what I’m experiencing, and without having ever met her before or EVER having asked her ANY questions ~ the Doctor recommended a Spinal Cord Stimulator.  Upon hearing that I started asking the other people who have contacted me about their cases of Peripheral Neuropathy, some with pain, some without pain, and what I got back was absolutely mind-blowing.  70%of the people I spoke with, 123 people who write to me concerned about their numbness or pain, 84 people said that their Doctors had either mentioned or recommended the Stimulator.  After having done research on Peripheral Neuropathy for the past 4 years I have learned that there is really no cure only “Band-Aid” type solutions for those with extreme cases.  So, it stands to reason that since Peripheral Neuropathy cases, without Diabetes being the cause ,is reaching near-epidemic proportions, that Doctors are scrambling for answers.  But, what is extremely bothersome is that when it was first suggested that I get a Stimulator, I was told it would cost $25,000.00, but when the I got the bill from my insurance company the total cost was $166,000.00  ~ so there is a definite incentive for doctors to push the Stimulator.  Money!!   I’m not going to go into any more of the gory details here but I will say this………A Spinal Cord Stimulator should be a LAST resort for anyone dealing with the pain of peripheral neuropathy and NOT for anyone who simply has numbness and uncomfortable pain.  Your pain should be extreme pain because, after all, the ONLY reason for the device is PAIN RELIEF and nothing else!!  Ok ~ enough said.  Other than, in MY case, at this point in time, it’s working ~ and it’s working well, after a year of problematic side effects.  To me, the side effects have been worth it!!……..I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it………as a patient, NOT a Doctor!!……….cheers……..T xo


ENERGY ~and is our universe constantly expanding?

he will be thereHi guys ~ guess that title has your curiosity peeked.  As it should.  The reason I say that so easily is because when people find out that I write a blog on Metaphysics, inevitably someone asks, “So what’s the deal about our Universe expanding?”  The truth is I began this blog because I believe that Energy is the key to understanding everything about our Universe, God, and our (humans) latent, metaphysical, capabilities.  I will spend the rest of my life studying and learning everything I can, by whatever means possible, to prove my hypothesis correct.  I am on a path right now to gaining the credentials to be able to spend some time in the Vatican Library where I believe I will find some of the answers I’m looking for.  Not ALL.  For I believe that many of the answers I’m looking for will manifest through metaphysical approaches and observations.  Having said that, let us approach this question of our Universe expanding.  Everything about this blog is inherently about Energy, and to understand the Universe you have no choice but to understand the workings of energy.  Since many of you have been following this blog you already know the basics so I will give a brief accounting here so that I may answer that question for any newcomers.  These are the basic facts.  Everything in the entire universe is made of energy.  That includes human beings, thoughts, water, the planet earth, the ring on your finger, the moon, your breath, your computer and anything else you can name or think of……..it’s all energy that has been manipulated one way or another to form MATTER.  Since Einstein’s theory was proven we know that matter can be converted into energy which means that the two are interchangeable or matter = energy.  Now, to the point!  Energy can be measured so we can always talk about an amount of energy no matter what unit of measure we are using.  The Universe is an entirely different story.  You CANNOT measure the Universe.  The reason is that we don’t measure the Universe the way we measure energy.  There are several ways of looking at this problem.  You could consider the Universe as simply being its VOLUME.  Volume is by definition ~ “an amount of space.”  So, the Universe is an amount of space with energy in it.  Some Physics masters have thought to measure the Universe by the amount of Matter within the Universe but again Einstein’s theory comes into play where all matter is interchangeable with energy so we’re basically discussing different forms, or interchangeable “states”, of the same force.  Either way this doesn’t really address the problem.  In the 1970’s we sent probes into deep space that are still sending back information about our Universe.  Technically, we have not defined the volume of the Universe.  We haven’t reached the end so we don’t know if the Universe is finite or if it is Infinite.  So when you hear someone saying that the Universe is expanding……..they are NOT saying that it is expanding physically, they ARE saying that our awareness of, and our information concerning the parameters of our Universe IS expanding.  As of today, we do NOT know if our Universe is infinite or if it is Finite.  Our hypothesis about the Big Bang certainly points to a finite amount of energy being released at the birth of our Universe.  Which, to my mind, logically suggests that there is a finite amount of energy within the confines of a finite Universe that we are still exploring and trying define.  However, it is also possible that there is an infinite amount of energy in an ever expanding Universe.  The truth is, when you hear someone say that our Universe is constantly expanding ~ what they are actually saying is that our knowledge about our Universe is constantly expanding whether they know it or not.  The question of the parameters of our Universe is one of the hottest topics in all of science today.  It’s being debated by scientists and lay people, like myself, all over the world daily.  I hope this gives you some clarity.  What it has done for me personally is that whenever someone asks me that question from now on ~ I can just say, “Check out my blog for the answer!” (smiles)……..thanx for hanging with me through that explanation.  I hope that some day soon the answer you’re looking for will be more definitive.  I know that this sounds like a convoluted answer but the truth only works one way, and the truth is ~ no one has proof positive about how big our Universe truly is, so there is NO way to give a positive answer one way or the other………..   I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it!…………cheers………tony xo

FREE SPIRITED ~ the soul of metaphysics

friendshipHi guys ~ been a while I know………but……….even the gravest of illnesses will EVER keep me down.  Which is precisely what I would like to discuss today.  See the two children on their bicycles above?  Of course you do!  But do you remember what it was like to BE one of them.  I do, and fortunately, I still have that childlike quality.  I can’t tell you how many time s I’ve heard , “Tony, aren’t you ever going to grow up?” in my lifetime.  Well, it used to bother me but now, most of my friends tell me it’s what they love about me.  Go figure?!  Well, so many times I’ve been speaking with a person who didn’t really didn’t know me well and I would hear things like ~ “You mean you just packed a bag and left for Mexico without any plans?” or “You mean you just got off of the plane at Rekjavic and decided to stay a few months in Iceland even though you were heading to New York?” ~ Well, YES!! ~ is the answer to both of those questions.  It’s how I’ve lived my entire life.  I’ve never been afraid in this world.  I suppose it was because I had an unusual set of skills and unusual set of parents.  My mother is white. blonde hair and greenish eyes, my father is black and Cherokee Indian.  So, for me, as I looked around at everyone else’s parents as a child I suppose I always knew that there was no reason to stick to the status quo because, after all, my parents were rebels if you consider they were a bi-racial couple in 1950’s America.  More on that story another time.  But as I grew older and searched for meaning in this world I knew one thing, and one thing only.  That I was not like most other people here in this country aside from my siblings of course.  What I didn’t know was that there were others like me I just didn’t have any contact with them.  In school I didn’t have to try very hard to get good grades so I was focusing on extra curricular activities.  I was a professional magician by the time I was 15.  I was soaking up opera, ballet, and symphonies at ages 16 and 17 because I worked at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C..  When I was 19 I learned how to plat the acoustic guitar.  Now, during ALL of those years I was writing, poetry mostly.  I used to sit in the Presidential Box at the Concert Hall in the John F. Kennedy Center and write poetry while I listened to the National Symphony Orchestra rehearse.  I wrote my first poem in first grade where I won the school contest for Thanksgiving poems and the Principal put my poem up on his office wall.  It was one of the best feelings I have ever had as  a child and so I guess it was a defining moment for me because I haven’t stopped writing poetry since.  A person doesn’t write poetry for money or fame, I think most poets write because we are somewhat arrogant really, or maybe selfish is a better word ~ hell, I don’t know I’m just a writer, a real writer writing what I see and know from a place that is singularly my own with no thought of fame or glory because poets NEVER make money, unless they win the Pulitzer or something.  I just recently finished my 800th poem on Cosmofunnel.com ~ a creativity site for painters, short story writers, and poets ~ and that’s just the last 18 months of my writing poetry.  I imagine I have written somewhere around 5 or 6 thousand poems in my life ~ mostly left for waitresses on napkins in outdoor cafe’s the world over or for girlfriends and lovers ~ many, many, for my mother (one of my hero’s) and of course I’ve written 171 songs with lyrics.  But what truly set me free was my guitar,  Because when you can play the acoustic guitar AND you have a bunch of original songs ~ you NEVER have to worry about money, no matter where you are in the world.  Music is a universal language so when I found myself penniless in Iceland, all I had to do was play some pubs for cash.  What I found was that the FREEDOM that it affords you, in my case anyway, was the freedom to pursue to pursue my beliefs concerning God and all things Metaphysical in this world.  I have always known that I was drawn to religious pursuits and anything that could show me the truth behind the façade presented to the world concerning these pursuits.  It’s why studied Magic as a child ~ I’ve always wanted to know how things worked and in my case ~ HOW to unveil the truth about God.  As I grew older it occurred to me that the most logical path was through Metaphysics and the knowledge of exactly how this world worked.  So I have I learned Physics, Cosmology, Astrobiology, biology, Quantum Theory, and just about anything I could get my hands on that could lead to some understanding of what happens to us after this lifetime and ANYTHING that having to do with the inexplicable.  I have done these things by teaching myself through books and to a great extent by traveling this planet to the most powerful sites, from Teohtihuacan and the Mayan ruins to our south to having mushroom ceremonies with the Yaqui indian elders in the mountains of Oaxaca in Central Mexico, every single state in America, Stonehenge, Caverns all over the globe with ancient writings, to the most recent discoveries of the modern world in Turkey and Syria either through my travels or the travels others.  I have spent my entire life trying to develop my belief system to a point where there is undeniable proof that God is not just a Santa Claus or some Myth perpetuated by the money or power hungry men and women of this planet.  When you have a guitar and you can play it, money and power become irrelevant, and my search has remained unimpeded for 36 years.  When I first got sick 5 years ago and I became housebound by no choice of my own I needed still, a means of expressing myself and continuing my search ~ my brother sent me a computer, which I had always snubbed, I discovered the internet and NOTHING has been the same since.  I found that I had tucked away in my bags from travels around the world, some 37 notebooks filled with notes and poems, and songs, and a ton of impressions of some of the worlds most beffudling places and things.  What I discovered running through them ALL was a Love of Metaphysics.  In my songs, poetry, short stories, drawings, experiences with sensory deprivation chambers, meditation experiences and instruction, out of body experiences and a plethora of mind boggling accomplishments and experiences that I NEVER considered anything but irresponsible.  Because that is what everyone had been telling I had become and so I had come to believe it myself until I got sick and began reading my own story.  What I came to realize so far, is this.  It was my freedom of spirit that drove me to seek out the Shaman in Mexico, to sit for hours motionless in Transcendental Meditations promise to escape the body, to scour the globe in search of what was already in me to find.  It was in my child like innocence that my search for meaning in this crazy world, that FREEDOM OF SPIRIT  and faith in God has brought me this far with the knowledge that I now have a purpose in this reality.  That I have something specific in mind to do with my life, something I have never had before………guess I’m finally growing up!…………I am Dartanion2 ……….and that’s the way I see it…………cheers………..tony xo

” BRAZIL ~ METAPHYSICAL MECCA” (part one of four)

brazilHi guys ~ I have been wanting to speak on this subject matter for some time now, so  I’m going to start  with basic facts and then blow your mind in posts number 3 and 4!!   Brazil was occupied by hunter-gatherer tribes centuries ago ~ in fact there is evidence indicating life there dating back to 9000BC.  Consequently there were many legends and bits of lore passed down for countless generations well before South America began being colonized and inhabited by other cultures from the 16th century onward  The original myths and legends then began being woven together with influences from African slaves, Portuguese settlers, and Europeans, the most influential of which were the Germans and the Polish.  Remarkably, the influence of the Catholic saints became a HUGE influence on the development of the modern day belief systems of Brazilian citizens.  There are so many legends and folkloric stories interwoven with Brazilian beliefs that it has become the most diverse belief  system in the WORLD ~ (for it’s religious beliefs and practices).  I speak of it with you here today because it is the “ideal” springboard for Metaphysical gifts to sprout in this world.  Brazil’s development of Metaphysical faith and practices is similar to how America’s spiritual values developed.  Catholicism mixed with the indigenous and the imported.   The big difference is in it’s diversity.  This fusion of hundreds of faiths ~ is so complex that it continually manifests itself as a world view of God…”That ANYTHING is possible with good intent”………it’s commonly referred to as “Religious Syncretism”.  This most profound religious mixture stems mainly from Africa where centuries of slavery forced them across the Atlantic Ocean carrying nothing but their own faiths and beliefs.  They were all forced into Catholicism but they still maintained their own beliefs and associated their own entire spectrum of god’s to Catholic Saints and Icons.  For example in Brazil,  it is quite normal for a devout Christian to believe in reincarnation.   It is common thinking that it takes a few earthly existences to help one perfect their errors in a constant cycle of self improvement.  Anyone who has been on the beach in Rio de Janeiro on New years Eve has seen thousands of believers dressed in white, making offerings to the ocean by sending out small floating altars while chanting Catholic prayers.  BUT………the most interesting thing, and the reason I’m planning four more posts on BRAZIL, is that you never really see or hear people speaking with contempt against any other religion.  If they like something that they here or learn they simply incorporate that idea into their own personal belief system ~ which is ALL, of course, motivated by their search for God.

            In my opinion Brazil, from the lower classes to the upper middle classes , has the lowest amount of religious tension in the entire world.  There’s a lot French and Portuguese influence but what makes Brazil so “special” is that, in general, “Anything that is conceivable is possible.”  It is in their open-mindedness, an open-mindedness instilled at birth and nurtured throughout lifetimes that breeds Metaphysical potential.  If you want to learn anything having to do with Metaphysics……..from Astral Projection, Telepathy, Santeria, Wicca, Black Magic, White Magic, Telekinesis, Ayahuasca, Universal Religion, Self-Healing, Ancient Architecture, pagan rituals, Ancient Aliens, Dolphins, Altered States Of Consciousness, Stigmata, and anything that requires an open mind ~ THEN, spend some time in Brazil.  It will change your life if you know what you’re looking for before you get there.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for………then you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of the coolest party atmosphere’s on the planet earth………..MUCH more to come on BRAZIL……..I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it………….cheers………T xo


marsMars~ the fourth planet from the sun.  Men have been talking about this planet forever!!  Since the Roman’s called one of their God’s Mars!!  The God of war!!  Now, we have found that there is water there it is uppermost in the minds of scientists and NASA as well.  It is a mistake.  Mars will never be anything more than a tourist attraction or jumping off point for the real action in our universe ~ we suddenly find ourselves at a point of critical speculation but what we are not considering is that we are standing right before the secret of the world itself, the place where being passes into appearance.  Where the power of the mind, once again, offers genius a playground.  Genius, that place that helps repair man’s immaturity of rational thought and consideration of the decay caused by complacency.  Emerson once wrote ” The universe is the externalization of the soul” ~ he was absolutely right.  Just like many of the spiritual thinkers hundreds of years before him.  Wherever there is the spark of life that spark externalizes itself, around itself, to help understand the intimacies of itself.  Without this reaction to life bursting it’s way into appearance, there would be no reason for intellect, reason, or understanding.  The fact that man has become so infatuated with the “red planet” is merely the mind’s way of allowing genius to continue the quest at the innermost of ALL THINGS.  The introspection and the enigmatic nature of understanding drives humanity forward through the use of imagery.  In this case Mars as a central distraction of the minds ability to understand itself.  We, as a species are stepping into territory that is much more powerful than science.  Science is for wimps, always going astray with the elevation of man, keeping in step with religion and metaphysics so as to somehow keep power in the hands of those who recognize chaos as a possible threat to the reigns of power over their fellow human beings.  EVERYTHING in nature answers to a moral power, NOT a scientific or human invention of any kind.  The nature of all existence bursts into being and that burst is beyond human comprehension ~ it is what we call God for lack of a better term.  If you’d like to be a GREAT scientist then grow some real balls and explore the universe of the soul, mind, and initial spark of life itself.  Try a sensory deprivation chamber and see if your mind takes you to Mars!!  NO friggin’ way!!  It takes you way beyond.  It takes you into the universe where understanding becomes irrelevant and spiritual oneness becomes uppermost in your awareness.  These ideas become so deep that all human intellect falls away and mind begins to seek it’s creator.  It is this subject matter that caused me to begin this blog, ENERGY, Metaphysics, the key to the answers that we all seek.  “Who am I?”  “Where do I come from?”  Now if you want to play around with Mars and science ~ fine! ~ but if you’re truly interested in some answers while you’re in this lifetime ~ then try seeking answers in the universe that created everything we know.  That initial burst of life or energy that is within you.   That thing that we call God is waiting for you there, and when you get there, remember, you’ll have to make a decision ~ whether or  not you want to return to that which we know as physicality or, be a deep space explorer of the human soul and the existence of ALL THINGS!!  I am Dartanion2 and I have MUCH more to say on this thing we call understanding………….cheers………T xo

I HAVE STARED DEATH IN THE FACE~and come home to talk about it

dream scaperI know most struggles are fought on the field, classroom, household, workplace, or hospital ~ but I am here to tell you that mine is  being fought in the sheets.  In my room, alone, with will, and my mind alone to guide me through this most bizarre circumstance.  My pain has taken my soul from me and challenged me to stay in the game.  I have, of late, only found a few hours per day of clarity and so I chose this moment because I just woke up a few minutes ago with these thoughts uppermost in my mind.  I felt death calling to me last night, I felt it’s icy grip telling me it was cold and  filled with fear but as I refused it’s bullshit state of being I felt an indescribable warmth come to me ~ a welcoming light that tried as well to call to me to come home.  I know the latter was God’s angels telling me it was o.k. to give up the fight and come home  but I swear to you as I cry while writing these words that I felt a strange calling inside of me somewhere that I cannot describe with words that also told me it was ok to come back ~ to finish what I have not finished in this life.  I am committed to it as I write these words, in this moment, because as I awoke I felt a strength I have never felt before.  The strength to stand up and speak of the things I have been afraid to face before.  I was born with a nobility of being a black and white son of this society and I have felt for so long that I have let my family and friends down for not living up to my God given abilities ~ I will NOT give up on these things ever again ~ I am a MULATTO man and I have some things to say and to offer before I leave this reality ~ right now I am feeling constant pain in my entire body at times during each day where it seems to be in all the bones of my body ~ but I know  now how to fight it ~ to detach myself from the pain ~ to fight with my mind and the Love of my family’s strength even though they are far away ~ I can feel them when I am in an altered state ~ I know that they are there, but more importantly, I can feel that God is there telling me to fight for I have a mission now.  To tell everyone that there is definitely something beyond this existence, something powerfully comforting and something with an icy falseness that is so easy not to believe in ~ that it becomes so painfully obvious that God has always been there, looking out for me, looking out for everyone who chooses to believe in it’s presence.  A separate reality, if you will, that is warm and filled with a light that is so totally filled with indescribable joy that words that we, as men and women, have developed to communicate with one another, that falls way short of the truth of this existence.  We just don’t see it because we look with our eyes and not with everything that we are, not with all of our selves, our entire shining light and ability of faith in our more-ness.  We are so much more than we admit to ourselves, we are glowing beings filled with a spirit that is so rare and so precious that once we find it, we are not the same again, our appreciation of this life becomes more important than things monetary.  Our appreciation of this life becomes spiritual for our path after this life has nothing to do with money or power, it has to do with purity of heart and kindness in our appreciation of that which we call physical reality.  If I do not live much longer in this life I want you to know that I have faced death and come back to talk to about it.  That thing that we refer to as God in so many different ways ~ is real, it’s there, waiting for you to be the best that you can be because everyone of us is so special that it is our existence, our experiences that are being waited for in the afterlife, for it is those things that we take with us that are so rare and undeniably contribute to the greater good of all things beyond this reality ~ we are needed, and we are needed to be as good and as kind as we are capable of being.  That thing we call God, does not call itself God, it is beyond our comprehension and it Love’s us, no matter who we are in this life.  I say these words now because they are coming from beyond myself, I hope you can understand ~ it will be my mission in this life~ if I am able to make it out of my bed of pain and selfishness ~ to help everyone I meet to understand that which is in my heart at this very moment………glide on Love my friends………Love is the only thing that matters……….truly!  ………..I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it………….cheers T!………..later my friends.

TELEKINESIS ~ food for thought

tekekinesisTelekinesis is one of those topics that people ask me about a LOT.  I have a background in illusion and Magic ~ I worked in a magic shop where I met and befriended many magicians, 5 of them I still hang out with regularly and one is my room mate.  When you bring up the subject of the existence of telekinesis to Magician’s, a quiet grimace comes across their faces.  I’ve never met one magician that has run across a case of “real” telekinesis and they are dam happy about it.  If telekinesis is proven to be true there would be a huge upheaval in the world of magicians.  People have been entertained by the notion of a person moving objects with their minds for thousands of years and it it is only getting stronger as time goes by.  The James Randi Educational Foundation has offered a one million dollar reward for anyone who can prove this ability to exist ~ James Randi is a debunker of Magicians who pretend that their magic is real ~ no one has clamed that reward yet.  Can you imagine, if you had this ability you certainly wouldn’t walk into the James Randi foundation to claim the reward, you’d be a fool to do such a thing.  You’d have to keep the ability a secret from everyone you knew or your life would no longer be your own.  Everyone from the mob to Vegas would be banging down your door, not to mention the government need for a new weapon!!  Have you ever seen the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta?  Well if you have then you know what I’m talking about. (there’s a post here on my blog about the film, just type Phenomenon into the search box above)
When people ask me what I think about this subject matter I always tell them that it is an extremely difficult aspect of Metaphysics to write or talk about because of all of the sensationalism involved.  This ability has been written about, performed live, depicted in hundreds of films, been the center of controversy in the world of Magicians for thousands of years ~ dating all the way back to the Egyptians and their use of early forms of magic.  It’s in the Bible ~ the most popular book of all time!!  So, this ability is in our historical DNA, so to speak.  The truth of the matter is that this idea is so imbedded in the human psyche that it seems illogical that it won’t manifest itself in people at some point.  There have been many philosophers and religious scholars that have pointed to the fact that much of the evolution of mankind is in remembering ones self.  Recalling that which is already in the other 90% of the brains capacity….we as humans today only use 10% of our brains capacity leaving the most unexplored territory on this planet in the mind (or brain) not in the depths of the oceans or Antarctica’s unexplored regions…….but inside of ourselves.  Recalling that which has become vestigial over time and caused by environmental necessity.  If you’ve been following my blog then you know this blog concerns itself mostly with ENERGY.  Everything we know and everything we can see or possess is made of energy.  If you’re staring at a coke bottle sitting across from you on the table and you want to move it without tricks, what do you think it would require to move it?  Energy, that’s right!!.  If you want to tap into the innate abilities of the human mind you start with meditation and the manipulation of energy.  It’s not that Telekinesis is impossible, it’s that we haven’t awakened or remembered our latent abilities yet.  And I am convinced that much, much, more than just telekinesis will be manifesting through the minds of people the world over VERY soon.  Technology is pushing us to do so.  Without metaphysical capabilities I fear we will not be able to handle the technological explosion we are now experiencing.  It’s happened before ~ perhaps we will get it right this time……….I am Dartanion2…..and that’s the way I see it……………cheers T.


contemplating God's good graceHi guys, it’s 3a.m. and it’s quiet.  Perfect time for meditation, I think to myself.  And then I realize I’ve been saying those exact words to myself for over 30 years.  At age 16 I first began exploring books and museums for anything having to do with Egypt, The Third Eye, Magic, Pyramid power, and of course, Meditation.  I was curious about anything that had to do with spirituality and the interior life.  I mean I was pretty out going with sports and everything…….but……..if you looked around my room……….there were books, magic tricks, little pyramids, dragon statues……..all that Hobbit, God, sword fighting stuff!! (lol!)……..pretty normal kid.  But the first time I actually went to a class and learned from a yoga teacher, the benefits of meditation there was no turning back for me.  I never went back to the yoga teacher……but I did go to the book store and get books on the Kundalini, the Chakra’s, Transcendental Meditation etc.  What sealed it for me on the first occasion was the feeling I got.  Once you slow your breathing in a serene environment you become aware of your minds eye.  And as the teacher was saying “now let the white light begin to fill you up slowly, slowly working the light up your legs, into your chest, the warm feeling filling up your whole body…”   WOW!!……I mean I could feel thjis amazing power inside of myself……and for a kid it’s like wanting more candy.    I couldn’t get enough.  Now, as an adult looking at this in retrospect, it really was one of the best commitments to anything i’ EVER made in my entire life.  I have studied and chanted meditation practices with different people all over the world.  It is accepted as normal in every culture and every country I have ever visited.  Why?  Because it works!!  Think about it literally.  Meditation IS self observation. (which is why I chose the picture of the thinker above)  It is a state of concentrated and focused attention on an object of thought or awareness.  There are many, many, types of meditation used by cultures and religions across the globe.  It shows up in nearly every important religious or philosophical text ever written.  It is continuous and profound contemplation, designed to help one grow in understanding of themselves and the world around them.  It is a solitary practice through which one learns to quiet the mind, slow the heart rate, and attempt to find some form of transcendence, Nirvana, Bliss, Out Of Body Experience, or paranormal experience ~ depending on how much faith you have, how much interest you have, and how much WILL you have to succeed at that which is inexplicable.   WOW!!….mouthful right?……my point is, even doctors and priests agree with politicians that meditation is a positive thing! (lol!)……..I’m sorry I don’t mean to be silly here ~ I’m just setting you up for some of my upcoming posts on Meditation because I have taken it to extremes, and I will need you to remember that you agreed with this post when you read some of the upcoming stuff that will make you say “NO Friggin’ WAY!!”…..please, allow me to leave you with this simple truth.  There are mentions of meditation practices found in hindu scriptures dating back 5000 years.  Once you understand just how old 5000 years actually is……you will then begin to find the interest you need to take meditation to the point where you can sit in your comfortable meditation pose and leave your body for a while ~ just to go take a look around the universe………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it…………cheers…….tony xo

” CHICAGO ONE NIGHT ” (catching you up with me)

chiago at night2Hi guys it’s been a few and have some things to catch you up with.  My last week has been nightmarish.  My spinal cord stimulator has my entire body shaking constantly and where the lead lines connect to my spine has been growing cartilage around it , making it pretty painful to move things or reach high places………..the combination of pain in my feet and back had my home nurse on the brink of sending me to the emergency room………but since there are so few people who really have a lot experience with spinal cord stimulators we decided to handle it at home and then my office visit on Monday we got new pain killers and muscle relaxers so i’ll be ready for my my upcoming  meeting with doctors at Northwestern……….anyway, all this doctor crap has slowed my writing down considerably.  But I was thinking earlier how truly blessed I really am.  I live on Lake Shore Drive in one of the most beautiful cities in this country.  ME!  I am disabled with social security income but somehow God found a way to have me right on the beach in what is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in all of Chicago.  How does that happen?  A VERY kind and unusually understanding Land Lord ~ I mean from the lobby downstairs in my building you’re looking out of the window at what appears to be the ocean.  I thank God every single day for allowing me to deal with this disease in such a beautiful building…..the Hospital is only 5 blocks away………I am truly blessed, and even after we have this surgery to remove the stimulator from my spine if I can’t walk then i’ll roll myself to the beach each day, except winter of course.  This upcoming surgery is dangerous…..much more dangerous than putting it in so I am a little worried but…………I have my writing………no one can take that away from me………..for those of you who don’t know me ~ I have written many songs for different bands and folk artists but mostly for my own projects……….I’m a poet…….there are 754 of my poems posted at    cosmofunnel.com which is a creativity site for painters, short story writers. and poets…..I call it my work station because I can be found there most everyday.  Now I’ve been thinking about going to “THE GREEN MILL” for a poetry slam ~ where poets go and recite their own stuff…………I was there a few weeks ago and it was a blast(FIRST TIME I’D BEEN OUT IN THREE YEARS)……great Jazz music and some top notch poets………you may know of the Green Mill from the movies, films like “High Fidelity” with John Cusack……..anyway, I wrote this piece about Chicago……..thought I’d try it out here first……….check it out!!!! ~ let me know…..


Shall I say, at delivery man’s dusk
The hush of the city descending
Is a part of the Love affair
That interested Chicagoan’s
Recognize daily
Along the “Magnificent Mile”
Where you can touch the ease
Of the downtown day’s ending
And making it’s way toward Halsted Street
Where the peanut shells dance to the blues
On the floor at “Kingston Mines”
And poets painting pictures with words
Over at “The Green Mill”, smile ~ a knowing smile
While Johnnie and Charlie control the beat
Sittin’ on the corner with no legs from the war
Feelin’ the jazz fill their paper cups
With friendly dollars and Chicago type advice
Don’t drink the money away baby
Cuz it gets cold in The Windy City
And as the hush of the city becomes a veil
Where darkness prevails and morphs into
The blistering night life
That sent Michael Jordan
To the moon….

Tony Taylor   (CHICAGO)
Have a groovy night you all…………



Everything  about my blog involves energy.  It is why I began this blog……because I believe it to be the focal point of all existence.  If you go to the “search box” at the top of this page and type in the word energy ~ you will get all of the posts I have done specific to Energy.  I went through many earlier, just to remind myself of what has already been discussed here.  MANY, need to be repeated and updated because of the fact that technology is moving so rapidly that even our history books require updating monthly.  I cannot convey completely just how IMPORTANT understanding energy is!  For me, it is the universal understanding, the physics of it, the daily applications of it, the undeniable and wholehearted understanding of energy, that sealed FOREVER my unshakeable faith in GOD.  Everything in the entire universe is made of energy. Some of the “key” points about energy are these:  It CANNOT be created, It CANNOT be destroyed.  It is immortal.  The amount of energy in the universe today ~ is the exact same amount as yesterday or a billion years ago.  I know some of you are saying to yourselves ~ if this is true then why does everyone keep saying that the universe is expanding?  Well it’s because the very nature of energy is that within it’s everlastingness is it’s constant heartbeat of changeability.  In other words, it is constantly transforming into different manifestations of itself as time, or evolution, see’s fit.  We, as human beings, are one of those manifestations.  WE ~ are energy!!  Everything in your vocabulary is a form of energy.  Your thoughts are a form energy.  Water is energy.  60% of your body is water.  Think of it this way.  The foods that humans & animals consume depends, ultimately, on plants capturing energy from the sun through a process we call photosynthesis.  Hell, even fossil fuels (like petroleum) are the remains of ancient plants morphing over time.  So, Energy is everything. (I know, seems like a leap, stay with me here) Now, let’s take that idea a step further and you’ll begin to see what I am trying to convey here.  If energy is everything and we are energy then that means ~ that somewhere inside of us, within ourselves, are the answers to every question you could possibly imagine.  Nanotechnology and quantum physics are proving this, in leaps and bounds, more and more each and every day.  The interesting thing is that things like Meditation and “The Third Eye” are beginning to make a LOT of sense now because science and technology are beginning to prove their legitimacy.  Which is one of the reasons that I began this blog.  Because Metaphysics is going to a proven fact and once that happens, the belief systems of millions of people will be profoundly affected……….changing what were possibilities into realities……Potential into fact.  Myths and legends into interpreted histories.  Metaphysics into science.  And all of the things like premonitions, telepathy, telekinesis, intuition, will become legitimate practices.  Spiritual advisors will become on par with Doctor’s in wealth and stature. War will become less gruesome and more immediately lethal.  But, the one thing that is difficult to see through all of this change or evolution is the most important thing of all.  The consistency of GOD!!  Along with gaining greater understanding of our universe and of ourselves, we will gain a greater understanding of our relationship God!  This is, an absolute imperative.  Such a boom in technology and cosmology cannot possibly be controlled and beneficial without God.  And when I use the word GOD ~ I am alluding to that which created all things ~ call it what you will.  Because without God in the equation then we would surely destroy ourselves and our planet right along with it.  Without faith in the pot of gold there is no reason to wield such magnificent gifts for GOOD!  Without good intentions there comes, inevitably, chaos and war, and with the kinds of advances in technology and cosmology that world is currently experiencing ~ a Third World War would, quite easily, eliminate 90% of humanity.  There are many Bible scholars, and Historical scholars alike, that preach that the coming of technological leaps and bounds has been predicted and repeated many times throughout human history, and known to be the bane of the existence of humanity itself.  That there have already been other human society’s that have reached this level of human technological advancement and that those societies have been repeatedly wiped off of the face of the Earth.  In the last ten years we have uncovered entire cultures and cities that our history books never knew a thing about.  Proof that humans have been MORE advanced then we are right now and then for reasons they could not predict ~ were annihilated.   BUT, whata has NOT happened is that the entire human race has never been united and informed about ALL other cultures and the intimacies of their spiritual belief systems.  If we can unite the entire world in its beliefs in “One God” (or one energy) for ALL of humanity, then, the possibility of war is dramatically decreased and the potential for understanding our own immortality becomes the forefront of human endeavor…….and THAT, is the beginning, the foundation, for some semblance of peace on earth.  This whole idea is based upon the solid understanding of the immortality of ENERGY!  So even if you do not believe in a God it is not difficult to believe in energy.  Because everything we are……..and everything we know………is Energy.  Energy my friends, is the key to ultimate understanding.  Let us take our technological leaps and bounds and step into the colonization of other planets, thereby removing Wars from our own, most cherished, Mother Earth, and propel ourselves forward into the true search for our creator.  That which created energy in the very first place………my working hypothesis is that EVERYTHING we can learn by searching the planets, the heavens, dark energy, and time itself, can be found within the Universe that is ~ a single ~ human ~ mind…………it is at this point in human evolution where METAPHYSICS has it’s most significant role to play……….I for one ~ believe in human potential, in human capabilities, in the vestigial presence of the magic of the human spirit and its extraordinary journey through this thing we call LIFE ~ and that which I like to refer to as TIME!!……….I am Dartanion2……and that’s the way I see it………….cheers………..tony xo