” SALINDARHA ~ SHADOW WARRIOR ” (empowering women series..)

salindarha shadow warrior2 Hi guys!!  Here’s the third of the 25 “Woman Warrior” pieces for the empowering women through poetry series!!……  The others can be found at my work-station ~ COSMOFUNNEL. COM………If you’ve been following my blog then you know this is part of the series that will have contributing art-work by Marvel and DC comic book artists ~much like the picture above.(above artwork from Google Images)  For more info. see the other posts here on my blog.  This is typical of most of the series where women are under complete control of their respective environments.  THIS is one of my favorites………SALINDARHA, from a race of blind women warriors………hope you enjoy……..


With one last, mighty exertion, she thrust herself upward, reared back with no inhibitions
She moved through the night like a glove on the hand of her sword gleaming like a premonition
She sheathed her “Revenge”, to conceal her position….

The swift blast of heat almost snuffed out her awareness of being alone
She heard a distant wailing, it took only a moment to realize the voice was her own
Through years and years they learned weaponry’s training and magical precision
Salindarha was from a race where blindness was quite prevalent amongst it’s women
Consequently, all of their other senses were distinctive, and extremely advanced
So sensing the heat from below, she became shadow and she began to dance
Along the edge of the volcano and with the stealth of a feather, she began to descend
And sizing up the numbers below she began formulating her cunning attack
The twenty-three savages had just wounded and raped seven of her friends
Salindarha had been away from their dwellings, practicing with her sword, “Revenge”
It had been foretold:
That a woman warrior from her race, would one day gain sight and wield the sword
To protect the blind women of the tribe ~ she had just gained her sight the night before
Now, with all her skills and her sight she held “REVENGE” in her hands
And as wrath began boiling over in her ~ in an instant ~ she had a plan
She could smell the stink, of heathen death upon them, as she moved through shadow
They could not see her around their camp, a skill she had long-ago mastered
In one swift motion, “Revenge” was out of it’s sheath, and set ablaze
Moving with the powerful wind, of a helicopter blade
She was so fast, that the savages stood stunned
As heads began dropping like leaves, one-by-one
And with bodies still standing, blood spurted like fountains from their necks
The sword bright with blood, in moments, all were dead
Except for seven savages, who stood bleeding
And completely amazed….

She came to an abrupt halt just in front of them, as they began slowly backing away
She asked loudly, with her green eyes ablaze, “Any last words to say?”
But before they could utter a word they were slashed through their cocks and legs
She screamed, “I’m waiting for you ALL to beg!!”
For her seven sisters they had raped, and now she would take home their genitals
To be placed on display
And instead of ending their lives, she just left them writhing in pain
She licked the blood from “REVENGE”
And with their cocks in her hands
Just like the shadows
She slowly, faded away……..

Tony Taylor    (Chicago)


” SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR ~ $166,000.00 conveyer belt “

spinal cord stimulator 166,000.00 dollar conveyer beltHey guys, what I’m about to convey to you is not an accusation of any kind………I just need to talk about this and I seem to do best when I write……….for those of you who haven’t been following this blog ~ I sometimes post updates concerning my undiagnosed condition of Polyneuropathy to the extreme……..I apologize to those of  you have come for a Metaphysical needle in the arm……..today is a “kiss my penis” day to the world of medicine.  I have been struggling with the fact that my nerve endings are dying for the past four-plus years.  Some days my feet throb so badly that I have to take meds when I’m awakened by them so that I can find the ability to walk to the bathroom without facing a great deal of pain ~ but that’s not how it began.  It began with what I kept thinking was my feet falling asleep.  Since then I have had 13 surgeries and a final decision to have the implant on my spine because living with pain sucks so bad that it steals your entire life away.  I want my life back.  My doctor tells me we can do this $25,000 dollar operation to implant a device on my spine that will send electro-stimulation to my feet and reduce my pain greatly thereby giving me some semblance of quality of life ~ because I spend 80% of my time in my room with my feet elevated to help the pain in my feet.  Well, what most of you don’t know is that the operation actually was $166,000 dollars and the doctor who set me on this course was fired under secretive circumstances and the stimulator is causing more pain and difficulties than when I first came to their offices…Why would he lie to me about that if he wasn’t up to his ass in something illegal.  Since I’ve had the stimulator implanted……..no one has followed up to see how it’s working or anything………..fortunately I have an amazing team of doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who are helping greatly.  But aside from the fact that my feet are completely numb and the numbness moving up my leg, where constant pain is generated from the bottoms of my feet and up into my legs……..like open wounds throbbing and little needles and lightning strikes hitting the bottoms of my feet and shooting upward………I now have extreme back pain caused by cartilage forming around the lead lines that are connected to my spine ~ right where the L3, L4, and L5 discs are located on the spine.  Moments where my back freezes me in place with gripping lower back pain and I have to grab onto something without falling.  The battery has been implanted in my stomach and sometimes sleeping on my right side is impossible because the battery gets hot and feels out of place……but the worst part of this is that the electro-stimulation that is aimed at my feet now has my entire body shaking like one of those vibrating lazy boy chairs……..it doesn’t stop, the tremulousness is in my chest, arms, hands, stomach, legs and feet……..I’m shaking ALL of the time……….and you can’t turn it off …….like I was told in the beginning.  If you turn the stimulator completely off it takes 4 or 5 days for any kind of relief but those 4 or 5 days are another little nightmare alone.  If you ask a private practicing neurologist these days about the numbness and sharp pain from your feet their first response is “Have you thought of a Spinal Cord Simulator”…………I have talked several people about this…….my doctors are now in the midst of having this thing removed………interesting how they forget to tell you it’s 10 times my more dangerous to have it removed………..so here’s where I am right now………….I take seventeen pills per day, I rarely leave my apartment………I sometimes don’t sleep for three days at a time……..I forget to eat (have to remind myself with marijuana)………I have so much pain in my feet that I cry alone and pray that I might understand………the doctor’s were only trying to help me and make a buck for themselves on the side…….I’m cool with all of that………..what really sucks is that my entire body is shaking on the inside , 24-7, no getting away from it, it’s driving me nuts……..My new doctors have recognized that I have been cut off from the world for 4 years and that depression is not helping and so they want me in psycho-therapy where they can give me more pills and to help me deal with the fact that I am no longer in control of my own body……….when I touch electric objects now they react in weird ways……..the electro-stimulation in my body is in charge now………my physiology is changing…….and my ability to accept the fact that my nerve endings are dying and NO ONE has any clue why……..my teeth are falling out  ~ no nerve ending, no teeth…………the simple fact that I have no diagnosis whatsoever is the worst………must have done something pretty bad in a past life or something………last week my home healthcare doctor said he thinks I should get a wheelchair………I told him there was no way in hell I was giving up………and a wheelchair is the symbol for pity in this country………..you’ll NEVER get me in one of those things………anyway I’m rambling through anger here……and trust me….I’ve left a LOT of crazy ass stuff out of this post………I just wanted to say that these guyd are going around implanting things and saying it will help……..but it seems to me it’s just a big conveyer belt where they are trying to sell as many as they can………with no regard for how their patient is doing after they have implanted it.   One thing, when I first got this implant i did get two visits from the representatives at St Jude’s to see how i was doing since they were part of the reason i decided to make this mistake……….i just want my life back and no one seems to understand what’s happening to me……….crazy right?…….well i’ll do some happier stuff tomorrow…………later………..T xo


earth changesSo many crazy days lately ~ so sorry I’ve not been keeping with the blog much  ~ I would like to share with you some thoughts of late. ……..THIS WORLD really is quite the complicated and spectacularly beautiful place that dreams are made of.  When you sit quietly and look, listen, smell, see, taste and recall everything you can ~ in your most serene and secret place, this world can be viewed in it’s stunning appeal and mind-boggling, quintessential, beauty and light.  It makes a man want to live ~ to see another day…………I have often thought that this reality we live in, is the Hell that the Bible speaks of because of its brutality and blood thirsty treatment of living things.  From Kings and Generals to Mother Nature herself ~ death can come in a bloody unexpected moment.  Once that bloody dagger touches a persons immediate circle of family or friends, the mind begins questioning and doubting the World itself.  For me personally, the idea od leaving this world has been a working part of my “self-talk” since my early twenty’s, when suicide and building a cabin in the woods were VERY attractive options.  Like Thoreau at Walden’s pond I have remained in check because, like he ~ I did not want to find my death and suddenly discover that I had not lived at all.  Since that suicide attempt, in my early twenty’s, I have lived full throttle………finding myself in places and situations all over This World that, in retrospect, I would never have thought myself capable of.  For many avid readers Henry David Thoreau’s “WALDEN” was a life changing experience for it having elluded to the idea that walking the “normal” path in life lacked worlds of perspective on one’s environment!  (truly amazing read if you haven’t read it yet)…………..For me, the world was opened up to me by Carlos Castaneda’s first three books on man’s ability to understand and manipulate energy in order to see ourselves from a TOTALLY separate reality.  A reality achieved by Shamanistic meditative practices and altered states of consciousness.  So as I’ve listened, learned, participated in, explored, and meditated with different people, from different cultures all over this world of ours ~ I have come to see that spirituality is a constant.  Whether it be in a profound sense of Atheism or a profound sense of religious fervor, the one thing that spins on without question ~ is the World itself ~ it is like the mother of all things in the minds of humanity.  It is taken for granted, it is revered, it is abused, and it is being healed………and like human beings themselves it is constantly evolving toward the day of it’s death.  This World is us ~ and We are This World.  A magnificent enigma, rare and precious in the grand scheme of our ever-expanding universe ~ and dressed appropriately in the shining glow of God’s Love and incomprehensible gifts………..I am Dartanion2…….and that’s the way I see it………….cheers……….T xoxo

” MY SISTER SABRINA ” (rest in peace)

sabrina ~ libraStop, this day and this night, that I may reflect upon my sisters life.  Have you ever read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay entitled “Self Reliance”?  I mention it only because when I read it, I began to understand my sister much better.  As children we often referred to her as “mother hen” because she was so “no nonsense” in her daily approach to things as they arose.   Things always had to “get done” with her, as I recall.  Her tongue was razor sharp and her hugs always felt like home to me.  My sister Sabrina lived one life outwardly and another inwardly.  Outwardly she was always speaking her mind no matter the consequence.  She seemed to many, abrupt and angry over life’s many intolerances ~ and to many she represented a steadfast, opinionated, business type woman.  To me, as I came to know her better ~ and please understand I am just a brother who gleaned most of what I am conveying here through hundreds of conversations on the phone over the past 13 years or so…….she clung powerfully to the love of her children, always making sacrifices for her daughters Marissa and Meadow, the kinds of sacrifices that must have hurt deeply, but always she looked forward on their behalf because knowing they went to college meant much to her.  She rarely gave that same intensity of Love to others. If she Loved you wholeheartedly, you knew it and you felt it full on.  She did not speak what others taught or believed, she spoke directly from her own mind and heart ~ I always thought there was a type of genius in that non-traditional path of hers, for inwardly she was very Godly in her intent.  We spent many, many hours, speaking of her Love of God.  How when you looked closely, you could find God in everything.  However, she was quick to snap vehemently at you, if your belief system clashed with hers. (smiles)  I know in my heart, God has welcomed her home.
It’s VERY difficult to measure the sum of a persons life ~ some people believe that you can sum up a persons life by the Love’s in their lifetime……….I was there, in Chicago, when she told me she had fallen for a man who wore clogs!  His name is David Fassino, great guy, and Marissa’s father ~ she knew I’d like him because I wore clogs too! (smiles)  I listened intently as she spoke of Danny’s hardworking and forthright attitude toward life ~ he gave her Meadow.  But there was only one man ~ one person ~ to whom she gave ALL of her anger and ALL of her Love ~ and VERY importantly ~ All of her respect ~ his name is Allen Partlow ~ for it was in him that she found that same respect returned, unconditionally.  Truly……..unconditionally!  She spoke many times of how he had changed her faith in humanity.  She was completely taken aback by his relentless giving and sharing and how he cared for Meadow.  She told me once, she had never experienced that kind of rarity of heart.  I can’t say I understand all the in’s and out’s of her personal relationships……….but I DID understand her struggle with alcoholism, having fought the same battle myself.  That struggle was profound and kept her secretive, when it came to speaking to others about much of her life.  She didn’t want anyone to see that part of herself and consequently cut herself off from many people that she Loved dearly.  Because, as any functioning alcoholic will tell you, it’s near impossible to say the words “I am an alcoholic” aloud ,and then NOT do something about it.  I stayed with her a short while once in her home with Troy, where she forced me to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. (smiles) She could always see right through me in that way ~ birds of a feather I guess!!  But she was always doing things to help others with her insightful advice and rarely helping herself.
Some people believe you can sum up a persons life by their accomplishments.  My sisters accomplishments were many but I always felt her most outstanding was in her steadfast independence ~ her self-reliance.  Emerson, whom I mentioned earlier, said………”To believe your own thoughts, to believe that what is true for you in your own private heart is true for all men, speak your latent conviction, for it is of the universal mind;  for the innermost in due time becomes the outermost, and our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the Last Judgment.”
My sister was a great woman, with great difficulties.  I Love her for who she was and I respect her for who she wasn’t.  Hers was an iron will.  There was no changing her mind once her mind was made up on any subject matter.  To me she was an angel ~ a Libra constantly trying to balance the scales.  She was a powerful influence on my life and she will always remain that way.  I miss her already.  And there are many friends and family members lives that she has touched with such profound memories that I dare say, that this world will not spin the same without her, now that she’s gone home.  I know that eventually we ALL must be separated from one another but this was too soon, and my heart hurts so badly because of the suddenness of her departure from this world and the suffering she experienced.  Glide on the Love from us ALL~ into the awaiting arms of the welcoming angels my dear sister.  I Love you ~ you are forever a part of us who know and love you ~ i’ll be talking to you often………Tony

I wish I could have posted her picture here but my computer isn’t functioning properly ~ my apologies.


he will be thereHi guys ~ been over a month, I know………..been dealing with this crazy illness of mine.  Doctor’s tell me we’ve got a handle on it now.  I don’t know.  Today is a good day though and I feel like talking so let me convey some things that have been on my mind……..not in any specific order.  Carlos Castaneda, as most of you know, is a HUGE part of me………at least those first three books of his are……….they have guided me most of my adult life toward that something that I’ve come to learn we ALL face eventually.  OURSELVES ~ who we are and how we fit into this crazy, mixed up, and truly beautiful reality.  The last few weeks I’ve been extremely ill and incapable of writing.  Facing this reality without the ability to write was too much for me and I shut down.  Locked the door to my room, turned my phone off, turned the lights off in my room, and stared at the History Channel for four days (H2 actually) ~ half the time I didn’t hear what was being said on the screen because the voice inside my head was much louder.  I thought that at my upcoming Doctor appointment they were going to tell me that I was dying of Cancer or something and my mind began taking me places that were important to me……..like all the time I’ve missed with my two sons, my faith, what I truly believed about this crazy place we call life and I realized just how important those original three Carlos books were to helping design my personal belief system………I mean…….he was right………we ARE all luminous balls of energy that when truly looked upon are glowing enigma’s.  We don’t REALLY know what happens to us after death but we have faith of one kind or another………good or evil………and it doesn’t differentiate…….we all still glow when looked at with the soft eyes Carlos teaches about in those books.  We are ALL using our innate abilities to conceive of and/or imagine ways to find our way home.  To greet our deaths with some sort of understanding of ourselves which, in turn, teaches us everything we need to know about our universe.  It’s ALL inside of us.  The Bible teaches that.  Violence teaches us that.  Life experiences teach us that.  As I stared at the screen those past four days, barely eating or sleeping, I saw in the images flowing through the screen that even in our films we’re creating modern versions of the Bible, the stories our minds create for films, books, paintings etc. are not unlike the stories of our past in the Bible.  Please understand I am NOT a big believer in the Christian version of the Bible ~ there are cultures all over the globe with their own Bible’s that are just as important and just as praiseworthy……but…….they ALL do preach the same thing……Searching, we’re always searching ~ reaching out ~ basing our beliefs on Faith and Faith alone.   Faith in the seemingly impossible as well as probable.  Our sense of moving forward is SO powerful that when faced with death we (at least I) didn’t become fearful……..it became comforting to know that I was moving forward……..toward something…….we have clocks and calendars to count, to keep track of our insatiable need to move forward.   Whether that faith be placed in Jesus’s improbable rise from his death to the place we refer to as Heaven~ or~ if we look to the stars and our Universe….. we are……..either way……..putting our Faith in the impossible or improbable.  I put a lot of my faith in Metaphysics……….my belief that we are innately endowed with extraordinary capabilities we are constantly evolving into.  In any case, we are constantly moving forward, progressing, growing, dreaming, learning and reaching for the impossible.  Carlos Castaneda set me on this course of my amazing search for that which we call God.  Even Atheists through all their rhetoric believe in God or they wouldn’t be so adamantly fighting against believing their was a Big Bang that created this Universe and that their was someone or some thing that created the Big Bang.  We know for a fact that there WAS a Big Bang that created this Universe ~ It’s NOT a big leap from knowing that crucial piece of information, to knowing there IS a God.  Carlos set me on a course that took me ALL over the world………meeting people from many, many backgrounds…………I thank God I met Carlos Castaneda through his books……..because I now know for a fact……..that there is SO much more to this reality than our eyes are capable of perceiving and the beauty therein could only have come from our creator……….he is begging us to see……….we need only look with soft eyes………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it…………T………cheers!!


doves and peaceHey guys!!  Sorry it’s been a few…….again……….For all of you who began reading me last June……….sorry I haven’t been as consistent as I had hoped.  Now, that time seems to be pressing me I think it’s time I begin pressing back.  I promised things last year not yet let delivered.  I did however…..stress……..that ENERGY is the only constant in this thing we call life and refer to as “Our reality”.  What I did not do was say to you in a single paragraph or two what METAPHYSICS really means. There have been thousands of years of civilizations that have become as Grandiose as ours and been destroyed in a matter of days.  That, like the movies insinuate, humankind can be beaten by Nature at any moment.  That entire countries and civilizations can be wiped off of the face of the earth just BECAUSE……….but………what I haven’t begun to explain to you is the beautiful simplicity of it all.  And the reason I can’t do that is because aren’t enough to convey ultimate truth.  What DOES exist are experiences that can’t be explained……..the housewife who see’s Jesus in a moment of inexplicability and then her entirety, her sexuality, her acceptance, her Love of All things,  her Love of being happy without recognition evolves instantaneously, and she chalks that up to having “Found God”…….and within her Heart of Hearts becomes more than her parents EVER told her she could become.  The Men who never should have made it home from the moon but because “SOME” thing touched them……they arrived home safely.  The little boy who could move spoons across the breakfast table with his mind and then be beaten for it and still walk away smiling about it.  The jews that said FUCK YOU to Hitler!!    The many things that have happened that still don’t quite fit in with popular belief or religion………..those things………..have answers……..crazy ass ridiculous answers……….but answers nonetheless.  I want to tell you ALL right here…..right now…….WHY……..I KNOW that Metaphysics is where the truth to all questions can be found…………Einstein, Jesus, Freud, Siddartha, Sartre, Bacon, Disney, King, Caesar, Poe, Tolkien , Asimov, Tolstoy, DaVinci, Khan, Mecca, Babylon, the Sun, Ra, The Universe, Chaplin, Cayce, Carlos Castaneda, Mary, The Sound Of Music, Love, Premonitions, Dreams, Animals, Beauty, Emerson, Pele, Gravity, Years, Sight, Mathematics, Space, Kisses, The Bible, Kempis, Religion , War, Life and Death………..they are ALL made of the same thing………..ENERGY!!………going to sleep……….more to come……….T xo

” DEATH IS NOT REAL ~ just another link in the chain..”

death is not real2Death is that state in which one only exists in the memory of others, which is why it is not an end at all.  It is the beginning of dinner conversations like this one………..is death the end of human existence and consciousness or do we continue in some other place or state of being.  Are we destined to be reincarnated, coming to life again in a different body and an apparent cycle of living and dying?  Will we even recognize our dead loved ones as we are in a new body.  The Bible tells us exactly what happens after death.  It tells us if we have done it right ~ Heaven…….if we’ve done it wrong ~ tormented in an ever-burning hell.   Many teach that it is something you need to discover for yourself……..something you create with your own belief system.  Even the Bible doesn’t have answers when it comes to death ~ in it’s essence it says that the answers are inside of you and not in the Churches of wood and stone.  The Bible is a compilation of a bunch of truly “soul searching” and devoted men and women trying to figure out exactly what we’re all trying to discover ~ that which has eluded everyone EVER!!………what’s up with death?………it seems to be a pretty important link in the chain of the circle of life……but still……..just ONE of the links…….none being more important than the next.  Seems to me once we figure out the unimportance of death, then, the more important things like balance and harmony will become more self evident………..where Love becomes all important.  More important than the bible, more important than casual sex.  Unconditional Love……. “Love of others becomes more than yourself” is what you discover when you experience Near Death Experiences or planned Out of Body Experiences……….the Love you find there is an undeniable  one-ness of all things……….a Love so great that it makes it hard to come back to your body………these bodies that keep us separated and arrogantly searching……..I am Dartanion2………..and that’s the way I see it………….tony xo


hi guys…..sorry I’ve been dealing with a lot of doctors lately……….here’s a repost of something that’s been bothering me lately……..and a friend from COSMOFUNNEL, which is my poetry workstation, thought I should repost this write…………it’s a reflection of me she says………..tell me what you think…………smiles…….T

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

difficulties in writing there’s a thing called writers block…….to which I am not a subscriber……..

Hi guys,  I have so many ideas going through my mind today,  that I spent the last thirty minutes trying to decide what it was that I wanted to talk about today.  The truth is I am anxious to get outside and work on some of my poetry.  But as I sat here batting around ideas it occurred to me that I may have writers block.  Then I thought, I don’t think there is such a thing.  I mean I always have something I can write about.  I mean sometimes I can’t seem to focus on one particular thing so then I just leave it for a while and work on something else and when I come back to it, all is well.  So, I am not a subscriber to the idea of writers block and I am…

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” ASTRAL PROJECTION ” (part three)

astral projection5In my first two posts on Astral Projection I conveyed a basic understanding of this innate human ability with two very simplistic examples of “Out Of Body Experiences” to provide a basic working knowledge of it’s potential and the fact that there are people who will tell you of one or two experiences they have had in their lifetime, when they have left their bodies only to return to their lives with what seemed surreal.  When you try to convey this experience to others it is always met with fond “I believe you!” type responses, delivered with an underlying disbelief.  And yes, there are those closest to you that will truly believe you’ve had some kind of incredible experience, but people do not wholeheartedly believe what they have not experienced for themselves.  So in this, the third of 5 posts on Astral Projection, I would like to talk about Edgar Cayce, a man that proved to the world over and over again that he could leave his body…….14,000 times to be exact ……..ALL well documented cases ~ where he left his body and returned with information that astounded the world and still does to this day.  At the time, President Woodrow Wilson acknowledged his abilities and personally used his services for healing and guidance during his presidency.  He also credited Cayce with helping him conceive of the idea for “The League Of Nations”.  The NEW YORK TIMES ran several pages of Headlines and Photographs proclaiming him to be “The Worlds Most Mysterious Man”.  He is still considered to be “The Father Of Holistic Medicine” by JAMA the world renowned medical journal.  Cayce learned that when he was hypnotized he could leave his body and learn of people with grave illnesses hundreds of miles away and return with information to cure them ~ curing hundreds of people that doctors had diagnosed as terminal.  His cures are still being used to this day.  His “Otherworldly” journeys were referred to as “Near Death Experiences” because when he astrally projected, the team involved with monitoring his vital signs often recorded his system as near to flat-lining.  He was able to gain massive amounts of information through his practices………information that solved some of the greatest mysteries facing humanity ~ on an amazing amount of subject matter.    There is still an operating Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia where you can peruse his findings on everything from the Akashic Records to reincarnation and much, much, more……….the reason I’m bringing Cayce to your attention is simple………Even though this man proved to the world the potential for Astral Projection……..the world is still unaccepting………there are groups of individuals dedicated to disproving everything about him……..where the glaring fact is….the man went into proven hypnotic trances and returned to cure hundreds of gravely ill people ~ hundreds of miles away ~ people he had NEVER met.   So even faced with proof of metaphysical potential and capability, the public still found a way to rationalize it as an “anomaly” or “strange phenomenon”.  Edgar Cayce is only one of hundreds of cases that proved to be true.  What people with extraordinary metaphysical capabilities have learned from his example is……….to keep it quiet…….to fly under the radar………to educate those who are “ready” to learn………because……..EVOLUTION only works one way………the Edgar Cayce impact occurred over 50 years ago………..the human mind is evolving so much faster than technology today, that there are those who are frightened of the fact.  But the truth is……..there is no stopping evolution, and people with metaphysical capabilities are just now awakening their vestigial abilities…….Astral Projection is not only possible………it’s here……..and it’s here to stay……….if you are reading this……..then you must already know the potential is waiting within you……..you need only help it manifest itself in your waking state……….I am Dartanion2………..and that’s the way I see it…………cheers………T xo