the practice of meditation is the key to developing telepathic abilities………(Taylor studies group)

 Hi guy’s, let’s get into some more Metaphysic’s today!  Let us delve into Telepathy.  For those of you who are new to this blog we’ll begin by breaking down the word itself;  TELE, meaning “distant”, add to that, PATHOS or PATHEIA, which means “feeling, experience, perceive, passion, affliction”  which can be defined as:  The transmitting of information, from one person to another, without any apparent assistance by known sensory channels or any physical interaction whatsoever.  Originally, this phenomenon was referred to as “thought transference” but Frederic Myers term “Telepathy” (circa 1882) has become more popular and has been used so much that it has become a working part of our everyday language here in America.  It’s also a common theme in many Movies and books in the world of science fiction.  The idea itself was born out of studies involving schizophrenics and their “in common” experiences of hearing voices etc.  Today we know that the great Parapsychology Departments at Duke University and Berkeley, ( San Francisco) have been doing testing and studies into telepathy for many years with few positive results.  However, recent studies on Dolphins suggest that the ability, in fact, DOES exist. (much more on Dolphins in an upcoming post)  But, what I’d like to discuss here today are personal experiences that I have had with people and chance encounters with people who, in my opinion, DO possess this ability.  But first allow me to lay out for you how “Parapsychology” describes the different forms of telepathy. as we will need a basic understanding so that I may relate my personal experiences in relation to these categories:

The below is taken directly from Wikipedia;

1) Latent Telepathy, formerly known as “deferred telepathy” is described as the transfer of information, through Psi, with an observable time-lag between transmission and reception.
2) Retrocognitive, precognitive, and intuitive Telepathy, is described as being the transfer of information, through Psi, about the past, future or present state of an individuals mind, to another individual.
3) Emotive Telepathy, also known as remote influence, or Emotional transfer, is the process of transferring kinesthetic sensations through altered states.
4) SUPER-CONSCIOUS Telepathy, involves tapping into the superconcious to access the collective wisdom of the human species for knowledge.

               It is the last form of Telepathy, “Super-conscious” that I wish to discuss and relate with here today.  The reason being that it is this form of telepathy that involves meditation, dream control, astral projection, and advanced Meditation practices.  Because in dealing with telepathy I have found that in hearing and observing these metaphysical practices in others, as well as in myself, it always turns out to involve more than just the transference and reception of information.  There are feelings and emotions involved.  Because when you begin tapping into the super-conscious you are opening yourself, your third eye, your awareness, your spatial relationship and perspective, your appreciation of the beauty of nature itself, and, most importantly, your relationship with God.  So, when you’re talking about Telepathy it is best to be VERY specific about aspect. If you recall my post on “Altered States”……in that post I was in the mountains of Oaxaca in Central Mexico, with a small group of the indigenous people there.  One of the things that happened there was an experience I had with one of the elders of the tribe, before we participated in the Mushroom Tea ceremony.  The man was named Lenaro (spell?) and he was approximately 80 years old, I’m guessing because it was difficult enough to understand what little I was able to discern through our language barrier.  Asking his age would have been a mistake.  Anyway, before the ceremony he took me to his hut.  I can only describe it as a hut because it was really like a very well built tent.  They were a nomadic tribe so there were no permanent structures in their small village.  Inside his hut he gestured to me to sit down on a pillow on the floor. He sat on a Coca-Cola crate and looked at the ground a long while before he lifted his eyes to me and asked; “What you would like to know?”  those exact words.  I hesitated, “What?” was all I could come up with. He pointed upward, and asked, “What you would like to know?”  I understood immediately, “Ummm, Is there a separate reality?”, I had been reading the Carlos Castaneda books and this was Yaqui Indian elder, so I thought the question appropriate……….he looked directly into my eyes………I was astonished at how clear his eyes were, and he began speaking to me in slow, broken English with a Mexican type accent.  This is what he said to the best of my recollection.  I’ll never forget this first sentence;  ” When you learn to speak with your God, you will know the other world, he will come to you when you learn to sing to him, he will take your hand to show you this other world you speak of.”…….I will never forget how expressionless his face was when he spoke those first few words.  It was like he was in a trance or something, or maybe he was just trying to scare the hell out of me for his own amusement, but the fact still remains that I NEVER forgot those words, and the reason I never for got them was because of what he told me next, and this is just from memory and not quotable….He told me, ” when you practice being alone in your head with your God, your God will speak to you, not in words, but in light and feelings.  These feelings will take a long time to grow in you but If you trust in your feelings then your light will show you the way.”  He spoke very slowly when telling me this…….and when he pointed me to the door I had the feeling that time had slowed down or stopped while I was in that hut with him.   What I took away from that experience was that he was telling me that meditation and a relationship with “my” God would open doors to understanding………I’ve been doing Advanced Meditation studies ever since,  I cannot relate to you how profound that brief encounter with Lenaro really was for me.  It is what gave me enough confidence to participate in the mushroom ceremony later that night.  To this day I can still see his eyes and the clarity of them.  I want that clarity for myself.  Yes, I am a selfish man, but I am being selfish in my pursuit of a relationship with God and THAT is not selfish in my thinking. I tell you this story because the meditation exercises that I’ve been employing ever since have led me to meet people with extraordinary capabilities, Telepathy being the most common among them.  When I was practicing TM (transcendental meditation) I met a married couple who could sit with legs folded in separate rooms and transfer thoughts to one another.  I witnessed this with my own eyes.  I am a skilled and learned Magician, so I assure you there were no tricks involved.  They had simply been practicing meditation together so long (35 years) that they had developed a psychic connection to one another.  And they are not the only example that I can relate to you.  What I wanted you to gather from me here, today was simply that if you take meditation as far as it can go, which is the super-conscious, that the mind will do the rest for you.  To every action, there is a reaction, basic physics.  If you practice meditation long enough, and well enough, not only can you develop telepathic skills, but you can converse with that thing that YOU, personally, call God………I am Dartanion2………..and that’s the way I see it…………..smiles………….t  xx