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Hi guys, sorry about the delay…….surgery went smoothly but left me a bit drowsy and without energy——-today is a new day.  I had a ton of trouble trying to get this post up today, computer stuff, hopefully all well go well from here.———So, have you guys seen this movie “CONTACT?”  I want to bring this film to your attention, not only because it deals with Metaphysics but because it dives, head first, into spirituality as well———-two subjects that I consider to be undeniably linked to one another.  Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey are perfectly cast in this film as lead characters, love interests, and opposing forces, in what is one of the best films on “human potential” that I’ve ever seen.  The intricacies of this movie are so compelling that I’ve actually watched it, all the way through, 6 times.   I just adore Matthew McConaughey’s character —“Palmer Joss”—this character is everything I could see myself being like someday, hence the fascination.  Spiritual, open-minded, religious, loving, nice, and smart as hell, BUT that is not the only compelling character here, this movie is chock-full of them.  Tom Skerrit,(spell) James Woods, Angela Bassett and more ALL give stellar performances.  John Hurt’s character is also unforgettable.  Carl Sagan wrote the book and is, pretty much. the driving force behind getting this movie  made. His wife also played a big part in it’s initial conception in 1979.  The movie finally came out over 20 years later in 1997 surrounded by controversy and law suits, but regardless of all of the side-show antics it went on to gross over 170 million dollars at the box office and deservedly so.  It is a marvel to behold in every aspect, from special effects to dialogue, it is dripping with talent and skillful manipulation of the medium of filmmaking.  BRILLIANT is not a big stretch where this film is concerned.

                                     The film opens with Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) as a young girl being encouraged by her father to explore the stars and use a short wave radio set to “Contact” unknown people and listen for the indiscernible sounds of the Universe.  Her relationship with her father is the driving force behind her character.  She grows up and eventually joins the staff of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) and gains quite the reputation for being a rebel and an outsider “of sorts”.  contactUnder the pressure of a threat to shut down SETI she works day and night, searching the sky’s, until the inevitable happens.  She finds a signal repeating a sequence of “Prime numbers” apparently sent from the star “VEGA”.  This announcement causes the National Security Council to attempt to take over control of the facility.  But it all becomes irrelevant when the signal she found is shown to have buried within it—-of all things—-Adolph Hitler’s welcoming address at the very first Olympics in 1936 Berlin.  As you can imagine,”all hell breaks loose” from that moment on.  Then the “incredible ” is discovered.  Interwoven just beneath the surface of the signalis over 60,000 pages of technical drawings and schematics that reveal a machine which allows for a single occupant inside of a “pod” to dropped into 3 spinning rings.  Of course the World-Wide race and jostling for position begins, to see who will be the person to venture into the unknown.  Obviously built and sent by an unknown intelligence the chosen one will be making first “Contact” with an entirely unknown form of intelligent life.  The rest of this movie will blow you away——A lot of people I know were disappointed with the ending of this movie—–I was not——–I was the exact opposite because there is a line in the final 2 minutes of the movie (easily missed) which speaks incredible volumes of truth in a single sentence, that sentence is this, ” “Now, that IS interesting, isn’;t it?”  When you hear it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  From it’s incredible conception to it’s special effects and inspired directing by Robert Zemeckis this goes on my A-List of recommendations for Metaphysical Movies. I have left out speaking to the spiritual aspects of this movie because, in my opinion, it is the key to understanding what Carl Sagan and his wife originally intended and I wouldn’t want to ruin a first time viewer’s experience of the film—–suffice it to say, I LOVETHIS MOVIE——-I am Dartanion2—–and that’s the way I see it!——cheers——–T  xx