precognition mediums

this is what the world of laymen have been led to believe that psychics and seers should look like, what do you think?……..

Hi guys, I chose the photo above because this is how far fetched people think that the world of precognition really is.  A comic book fantasy of some kind.—-NOT TRUE—
I know I have done a number of posts on premonitions, The Third Eye etc.  but I want to get a little more specific today about precognition, which comes to us, most often, as dreams…….
Clairvoayance, allows you to see things in present time, using ESP rather than your physical senses.  PRECOGNITION, gives you information about future events or places, using ‘paranormal’ means or developed abilities.  Doesn’t it follow then that just the fact that we have definable physical senses seem to imply that we have ‘other’ senses too?  Often times ‘second sight'(precognition) comes from dreams.  Dreams that predict the future are WAY more common than people care to discuss.  I have been asking these types of questions to people everywhere I go, for over 30 years now so maybe my thoughts on the subject are a little more “influenced” than most.  But, it is glaringly obvious to me that everywhere you go and almost every person you meet has a friend or loved one who has precognitive occurrences in their life.  And what’s really interesting is the ‘everyone’ who knows them, believes them to be telling the truth.  It is in the Legends and Lore of every single culture on earth (there are few exceptions).  But what I find TOTALLY fascinating is that even the people that stand firmly behind the belief that it is impossible to glimpse the future also have a Grandmother or crazy Aunt that they know to have these precognitive dreams and still they go out each and every day declaring to the world that it is NOT possible.  Society has so conditioned people to be a Lemming rather than a leader that they would rather lie to themselves than to be embarrassed in public.
People who are traned Mediums (or seers) CAN, and do, experience future visions in their waking state.  This way of seeing the future is much less common. If you were to train your intuitive senses (through meditation etc.)loving yourself
to grow in strength, it will become easier and easier for you to access a precognitive state.  For the average person, this normally occurs in the dream state, because they are not consciously aware that they even have the ability, much less any clue about how to access it.  For a professional psychic or trained amateur, it IS possible to access future information using a number of different techniques (think tanks for one) and accomplish this while fully awake and aware.  As with all types of Metaphysical abilities, there are many doubters.  Even though many average people do not consider themselves as psychic have experienced precognitive dreams, there are still people that argue that precognition is fake.  The really sad part about all of this is that the people who have these dreams are indoctrinated into believing that it is simply a bad case of stress or some other common malady that fits their present needs of explaining it away.  Even skeptics have trouble disproving precognition, and their main argument is that “science” has not proven that it exists. Since when did Science become God?  Silly isn’t it?  A lack of scientific proof is NOT proof that something is fake!  It’s just a lack of proof.  I say it’s silly because most of humanity believes in a God, but science has yet to prove that God exists.  So what does that tell you about science?
Here’s a direct quote from Wikipedia;  “…experiments have been conducted in precognitive dreaming at the sleep Laboratory of the Maimonides Medical Center, in precognitive hallucinations and visions.  While such experiments have produced some suggestive evidence for precognition, they have been somewhat limited to studies of selected participants , and have involved procedures that can be too expensive for other researchers to replicate, or too complex to theoretically interpret.”   Hey, —I leave it to YOU……..I am Dartanion2…………and that’s the way I see it!……..cheers t  xx