metaphysics, myths, and ancient civilaztionsHi guys, sorry it’s been a while, still fighting the good fight.  But, I am so filled with complete confidence that Metaphysics is well on it’s way to becoming a respected part of Science that would like to add to earlier conveyances of the inevitability by using some facts about Myths and Legends that support my hypothesis.  Assuming, that we all agree that most myths and legends have their roots in Ancient history and the passing of those truths down through time.  Today we are learning in leaps and bounds, through modern archaeology, that many of the myths and legends that we consider to be figments of the imagination’s of men, are in fact, based in reality.  The stories of great floods wiping out entire civilizations, like the story of Noah in the Bible, (as well as many other cultures) are actually being proven truths today.  We are discovering civilizations so old right now, they are changing our understanding of the development of the world itself, and are forcing us to re-write our history books.  We now have proof of ancient civilizations dating back to 5000-9000 BC.  Discoveries like “Gobekli Tepe” in Turkey or “Puma Punku” in Bolivia (which we can’t easily explain), or “Tel Hamoukar” in Syria or even “Tel Qaramel (changing the history of the Persian wars), are ALL revealing humans extraordinary capabilities some 5000 years before we previously had recorded places like Mesopotamia which, until modern technology’s implementation was thought to be “The  Cradle Of Civilization”.  So we were not only thousands of years off in our interpretation of the development of humanity but, we are also discovering proof that many of our myths and legends are based in scientific fact.  Well, if scientists and archaeologists are making such leaps and bounds in re-defining the history of the world, how long before we prove Metaphysics a fact?
gobekli tepeGOBECKLI TEPE (thousands of years before men were supposed to have been civilized)

Almost every civilization has some version of it’s origins being a light or a God descending from the heavens to which it eventually returns with a promise to return one day.  We have cave drawings on walls that are  so archaic that even with our current technology we cannot date their creation.  We have proof of men surviving the Ice-Age on cave walls.  Evolution has a way of maintaining the truth.  The fact that some of these ancient sites have blocks of stone atop one another, weighing tons, not only suggests that they were capable of building the pyramids but, capable of doing so before men had any known tools for carving stone.  Evolution has a way of maintaining the truth and men have been surviving global disasters for 10,000 years before the Bible was even written.  So, you tell me, are myths and legends just fabrications of the minds of men?  Or men fighting the good fight for much longer than any book we have in existence today?  Seems to me Myths & Legends have roots in far greater truth than we are currently aware of.  And, there are thousands of ancient cave drawings and monuments that speak directly to the existence of humans with Metaphysical capabilities.  Telepathy, premonitions, The Third Eye?  These are practices that we are just now remembering we have had forever.  Capabilities that time and earth changes have helped us forget.  I believe we are just now awakening to our innate abilities, and not because we’re fortunate, but because we will need them in ways that we cannot even comprehend… of yet!!…….I am Dartanion2…..and that’s the way I see it!!……cheers……tony