wisdom of the cosmosHello friends, been a couple of months since my last post…….LIFE………has a way of making its own plans for an Individual!! ~ ’nuff said!!……. so today I would like to delve into subject matter that is weighing heavily upon the scientific and religious communities at the moment.  As usual, I have my own opinion (smiles).
In this country, since its inception, there have been only two major competing theories, or hypotheses, that have squared off against one another, regarding “The Origins Of All Life”.  CREATIONISM and EVOLUTION.  Evolution is the scientific argument. (Darwin), and Creationism, which is the foundation for All major religions.  Then, as human endeavor into the unknown, (or human curiosity) took us further, we came upon “Intelligent Design”, which for us as laymen today, we’re coming to know as a new course study being taught to our children.  Basically, it states that ONLY an intelligent power can explain the complexity and diversity of our immediate environment, as well as the entire universe……….. and THAT ~ is backed up by indisputable scientific proof.  ~ After having researched “the proof” of this matter, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to disagree.  The proof IS astounding!
As I began delving into the physics of this subject matter I was completely blown away at the sheer magnitude of coincidences that it takes to promote life on a planet.  In fact, mathematically, it is near impossible to have this many coincidences occur on one planet to promote life as we know it.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Bill Nye ~ “The Science Guy!”………” I am just a speck of sand, and the Earth, in the cosmic theme of things, is just another speck, and the sun, an unremarkable star, nothing that special about our sun, is just another speck, and the galaxy is just a speck, amongst still other specks, I’M a SPECK on a speck, born on a speck, among still other specks, in the middle of specklessness!! ~ I am insignificant!! ~ I SUCK!!!! ” (LOL)”……… Now even though this a humorous quote, it is still deadly accurate when it comes to summing up just how small a planet we are in the middle of this incredibly vast universe that we call home.
The question among all other questions, in the eyes of the scientific community is this ~ Where is the place that man occupies in the vastness of all of nature and what is his relationship to, and with the universe? ~ a question posed by Thomas Henry Huxley in 1861 that we are still grappling with to this day.   Darwin’s theory of evolution, pretty much, said that humans were no more special or unique than any other living creatures.  In my mind it’s a pretty scary thought to think that humans are just some accidental design.  But then Carl Sagan backed up that idea with his VERY influential ideas about the development of the “COSMOS”.  In which he iterated “…..essentially, the same laws and constants are required to make a rock..” as to make human beings. ~ Carl Sagan 1994.
Now I can understand how these conclusions were made……. most of us would have come to similar conclusions , given the information presented to us.  But the world of technology has changed ALL of that.  Our understanding of the universe and the planet Earth’s place within it has come to incredible heights of scientific understanding, so much so, that even scientists are agreeing that something “greater than our understanding” designed this galaxy to promote life on Earth specifically.  The entire universe is based for carbon based life, which we are, and from that springs higher based life forms that utilize oxygen, which we do, ~ THAT is the view of EVERYONE in the scientific world, including Astro-biologists, and those at NASA etc…… Carbon only exists in a specialized set of temperature ranges like those on our planet…….. these temperatures are found nowhere else in our galaxy.  Now given these special set of temperatures our planet was then seeded with “the stuff of life” which comes from stars, of course stars are suns that eventually go Supernova and send life giving atoms out into the universe.  When you look into the sky at night and see the brightest star…. it’s because that star is soon to go supernova…….. and…….. if those stars didn’t go supernova at precisely that right moment in the universe…….. the entire universe would collapse……… so there is a poetic ballet constantly occurring in the heavens that provide perfect harmony for carbon based life-forms to exist.  And if the ballet was altered in any way, we wouldn’t exist.
Now consider this, and of course all of the above and what I’m about to say is all a part of “Intelligent Design”, the abilities of the human brain “far surpasses” any other mammal on planet earth……
(1).  Our mathematical skills…… far surpass anything on this planet
(2). The physical design of the human larynx…… allows humans to utilize a far greater range of vowels and syllables than any other known mammal on our planet
(3). The human hand is better adapted than any other appendage known to man, to manipulate it’s physical environment
(4). The use of fire, which only humans do…….. opened the initial doors to technology as we know it today
(5). Humans are literally located in a unique place in our galaxy allowing us to see further into space than any other known planet……. there is no better location……. self-reasoning and potential are able to be realized BECAUSE of our location in the galaxy

These are but a few of thousands of “coincidences” that the scientific community has “proven”. And in doing so, are coming to the realization that there must be some kind of Intelligent Design involved.  Inhabiting a home that seems to be prepared specifically for our benefit……… the GREATEST discovery of the 20th century was our realization of the unique fitness for carbon based life and beings like ourselves to exist at all……… the human form is something significant in the cosmic order…….. it’s NOT just haphazard or accidental…….. it is crucial to the entire design as we know it to date.   It appears as though the cosmos was created specifically, for human life.  Now with that in mind ~ consider the ramifications for religion in this newly discovered, and scientifically proven information.  It appears as though something created this universe with some kind of intent.  When we consider that idea alone, we must concede to the idea of “The Creator”………. could it be that the idea of, and for lack of a better term, God is truth?  I leave to you my friends………I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it!!………… cheers………tony xo