ImageEver since I started writing this blog people have been asking me “Why Metaphysics?”  I really had to think a while before I could answer that one.  Ever since I had seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz” I had wanted to be the man behind the curtain,  you know the one pushing all the buttons and controlling all those wonderful flashes of smoke and fire.  And then one day it happened.  A man at one of my mothers parties, took me down into the basement and he taught me how to make a quarter vanish into thin air.  I was so excited I went to the library and started getting books about magic.  And when you find yourself in that section of the library there are also books on the occult, witches, ESP, and etc.  One day I found a book about a man named Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Prophet” which told of the many miracles and predictions he had made while gathering info. from his dreams.  Well now I was really onto something and it was all just waiting to be discovered in books.  I began frequenting occult bookstores or “Alternative” bookshops, as they were called back then (the eighties).  I read books on the Kundalini, Nostradamus, Dream control, the seven chakra’s, and of course I devoured books on magic.  I was so proficient at magic by the time I was 18 years old I got a job at a “Magic Shop” and I have never looked back since.  Magic lead me into meditation and Tai Chi.  Then the power of the pyramids, the fantastic ideas on dream control that Carlos Castaneda put forth.  I started visiting “The National Spiritual Science Center” in Washington DC for past life readings.  I went through “Primal Scream” and several trips to sensory deprivation tanks to see if I could get out of my body. (much of this explained in more detail a few posts back)  I began experimenting with hallucinogens to see just how far into the ether I could reach.  I went to the pyramids, to seer’s and to tarot card readers.  I would sit for hours, sometimes even days, motionless, in a darkened closet to see if I could alter my state of consciousness and learn to use my “Third Eye”.  My point here is simply this;  “Metaphysics” covers so much territory that it is truly an undertaking to give it an accurate definition.  Now, a lot of what I just mentioned I have actually achieved and because of it have met like minded individuals everywhere.

             Now before I go into more personal detail about my experiences with “The Third Eye” , telekinesis, Astral projection, Dream control, bi-location, predicting the future and etc.  (all of which I have had some success with) I must first make it VERY clear about what I believe today, after 30 plus years of investigation, to be the truth as I understand it.

             Metaphysics is the vastly complex area of Philosophy that attempts to define the nature of human existence and our universe around us.  It includes the collective processes that are “beyond” basic Physics as well as being a part of the foundation of Science because it deals with the most fundamental “questions” of all existence as well as the fundamental “elements” that make our entire universe possible.  Or as Aristotle might suggest…,..Metaphysics = being without form or substance……..Now this is the most important fragment of information that I can offer up…………”without form or substance = ENERGY………..Energy is the key to all things.  Energy IS all things.  Your thoughts are energy.  Your home is made of energy.  Humans are made of energy…….at the root of evolution is….(you got it) , Energy.  So it is my intention to prove to you dear friends that right now, as we breathe today that the human mind/spirit is evolving much, much faster than technology…..leaving humankind with nothing to fear.  Now I know these are some very broad strokes but I will back up my findings with personal experiences of my own as well as those of people who have had near death experiences, who have outrageous experiences being doctors, priests, scientists and such an array of dissimilar individuals that they could not ALL be lying just to make my little blog here.  And when all is said and done, there will be only one truth still standing…….Energy.  Men will learn to manipulate energy with their minds.  And that leap forward will put us that much closer to that which we term……God.

              So now you know why I have the word “Metaphysics” in the title of my blog.  Prepare yourselves for I come with truth in my heart.  And I plan to make it quite simple to see…………….cheers!