constantineSo,  Have you guys seen THIS movie?  Love starting my movie posts that way.  Talk about Metaphysical Movies!  WOW!!  Keanu Reeves stars,  and if you don’t like ugly demons or incredible manifestations of HELL, then this movie is NOT for you.  But if you can tolerate it for a few, give this film a shot, because once you’re in it for ten minutes, I guarantee you, won’t be walking out on this film.  FANTASTIC imagination that creates characters that are believable and engaging,  These characters are an ensemble of metaphysical delight.  Nearly every character is flawed in some way and also have some Metaphysical gift that sustains them.   This movie is FLAT OUT fun!!  Provided of course, you like exorcists, angels, and demons…..the devil and even GOD shows up for this film.  This a truly amazing accomplishment.  THIS a Metaphysical wonderland……
All of the characters here are fictional, however a few have a place in historical writings but this movie does not try to infringe on anything or anyone…….it stands alone in it’s creativity.  It doesn’t matter that the whole thing is a fiction, the story line is a BLAST!!  Another 2005 release, this movie is inspired by the comic character,  “John Constantine”, first introduced by well known comic book writer/ creator ALAN MOORE while writing “The Swamp Thing” (comic book)  which first appeared in 1985.  John Constantine is an exorcist who lives in Los Angeles.  e was born with the gift to see Angels and Demons on earth.  He commited suicide at age 15 after not being able to handle his visions.   CONSTANTINE (Keanu Reeves) was revived by paramedics but spent 2 minutes in Hell.  (not a place to frequent)   He knows that because of his actions, his soul, is condemned to damnation when he dies, and he’s recently learned that he has Cancer from smoking, (which is nice touch by the writer)   Now check this out,  the cast;
THE CAST;  KEANU REEVES……….Exorcist extraordinaire,
Rachel Weisz………….dual roles  …..Powerful psychic and Cop
Shia Lebeouf…../………Student of Metaphysics  and Driver
Tilda Swanson………. Gabriel, half-breed angel, androgynous
Djimon Honsou………..Fantastic  as Papa Midnite/witch doctor
Pruitt Taylor Vince……Insomniac, alcoholic, priest

NOW, if that’s not a line-up for a “METAPHYSICAL”  movie, then I I’ve never seen one.  They pull this off flawlessly.   The depictions of Hell are worth the watch alone.  There is a taste in the photo above.  Hell is breathtaking, i’ll leave it that… guys tell me in your comments, what you think!  The coolest thing about this film is “CONSTANTINE” himself.   Keanu Reeves plays him as a person in constant contemplation, continually trying to figure out a way, not to go to Hell.  It really is an engrossing role and Reeves drains it for everything it’s worth!  As I sat watching the gadgets and incredible artwork that went into making this film, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the original “Matrix” because Reeves kicks some serious Butt in this flick.  And as a movie goer I think we’re comfortable with Keanu [playing such a role, and it certainly makes it an easier view..  ……this movie is not for the squeamish…….but if you can look beyond that, then you’ll find the kind of movie that should  go in your library of movies.  Because, some rainy day, you’re going to watch it again.  It gets a red chair and a big Wordy explanation……but for me there’s only one word that ‘s
capable of describing this movie………………..INCREDIBLE………….just for it’s beautiful MOVIE MAGIC………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it………..smiles,………..T  xx