cellular beadworkOk, remember back on June 28th, I promised I would keep you guys updated about what was happening with my C.I.D.P, well here goes!…..Today is Saturday…….I live on the beach, (practically) and it’s gorgeous outside today.  So I snuck out again, cuz Isaac won’t let me go alone…….but, he was snoozing so I took a quick shower and headed through the tunnel, that goes under Lake Shore Drive, and onto the beach.  Here’s how that went for me.   It’s 4 blocks to the tunnel (stopped 8 times from pain) about 100 yards through the tunnel (stopped twice) and then I just walked about twenty yards to the wall where I can sit and watch everybody, and write.  So I got there, got myself situated on the wall and placed my (platform) cane in front of me so I could support myself as I lifted myself back down from the wall.   As I began to write I realized that my pen was running out of ink and it scared me because the idea of making a trip back, just for a pen, is painfully annoying.  That’s what it’s like dealing with this everyday.  Except that this is NOT normal.  The going to the beach thing I mean.  I NEVER get to go out on my own, (I’ve done it once before) and the idea that forgetting my pen could become such an enormous hurdle is just plain annoying as hell.   But, like I said that’s what it’s like.   Your life is dictated by other people and little things like forgetting your pen.  BUT, I have been extremely HAPPY lately and that changes everytrhing.  I’ve been So happy that taking a trip to the beach alone seemed like it was “no big deal!”……and it wasn’t, mostly because my pen started working again LOL!!  The point I’m trying to make here is that happiness is making it much easier to “deal” everyday.  There’s something in the releasing of happymones that makes pain bearable and life a little rosier. I swear, it really works.  I even cleaned the kitchen before I left.  I’m telling you that “attitude” is a HUGE factor in dealing with pain.  So, if you know someone with my disease (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) or just plain Peripheral Neuropathy, do something to make them happy.  Get the happymones going!  It really works……..The picture above is representative of the cells in my myelin sheath and they are the cause of all the fuss in my life……they are being eaten away by my own white blood cells…….but we’re slowing the progression with Meds  and we will be doing the “consult” for my spinal cord stimulator next Saturday the 16th.  So  I just wanted to touch bases and let you know we’ve got this thing under control and I don’t think I’m lookin at a wheelchair any time soon.  My walker and my cane are keeping me in the game, a wheelchair would be too depressing.  Gotta stay positive!!  I know you’re wondering what’s been making me so happy lately and I can only tell you this for now.  God REALLY loves me a lot!!  I’ll be filling you in soon….not quite ready to reveal my secret……but I promise I will soon………suffice it to say,  Happiness is a serious medication!!! …..smiles……….I am Dartanion2 ………and that’s the way I see it!…………cheers……….tony  xx