Aside from questions on energy or telepathy I get a lot of questions about God and although there will be a most thorough posting to come, I will re-post my initial thoughts here today. The doctor told me yesterday that my new medicine regimen will begin today so I should be myself here In a day or so. I will be continuing with more personal insights to Metaphysics and God. Thanks so much to Spain and Brazil these last few days and of course England where so many followers of this blog remain loyal daily……….my utmost appreciation to you all. …….smiles………tony

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

ImageOK, I give in.  I get so many calls and questions about this “GOD” thing, that I have no choice,  I will give you my thoughts on the matter this ONCE, and that will be that, because surely there are those with more established credibility than myself.  However, within the confines of my personal belief system, I believe everyone can speak to this to this subject with personal experience and environmental foundation, and they can do just as well as anyone.  BUT, since it is relevant to so many of my postings on this blog, I find it a “reasonable enough” request to answer since the very nature of this blog is intimately related to this subject matter.
                           In the minds of most, God:  is the supreme being, the creator and ruler of the Universe, the principal object of “Faith”.  The entity that created creation.  God is the guy…

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