astral projection4  Here’s part two and I’m getting pretty psyched about the other three (lol!)…….having some fun!!……anyway……….Most people that are familiar with this, once esoteric term “Astral Projection”, understand that it involves an “Out of Body Experience”, which can be defined as…….the ability to remove the awareness form the human body and modify it as you approach the astral plane along with the potential to see the world (it’s past, present, and future) as a possibility.  Many people have a vague understanding of the process but their knowledge of its tradition and history is, most emphatically, limited to what was available through documentaries in the early 1970’s, which (most often) were very short in length and did little justice to it’s potential and, unfortunately, definitive guidance on how to attain effective Astral Projection skills were never approached because the process is a VERY complicated endeavor.  Now, having said that, there ARE dozens of great paths into its potential thanks to the tireless efforts of practitioners that have put many hours and years into their own Astral Projection research and open-minded adventures.  The serious practice and study of AP dates back thousands of years.  One reason that the concept has lasted so long is that it has its  roots in religious tradition.  Especially the idea of an “after-life” revolving around the notion and, in some cases, the sanctioned belief of a person’s soul leaving it’s body after death and ascending to a spiritual realm.  The idea itself has gone through many different periods.  So much so that at many times throughout history the study of Astral Projection was thought to be associated with witchcraft and Satanism thereby keeping scholars & practitioners of AP performing their duties in secret.  The process stemming from the Metaphysical point of view, is (to my mind) its most beautiful aspiration in which the honestly spiritual approach is sought out for the purpose of self-enlightenment, mental and self-healing insights into the human condition…….and…..the potential for controlling the ability to explore the far-reaching portions of the Universe without EVER having to leave the comfort of your home or personal meditation studio.  Further techniques for these pursuits are upcoming but……….right now……….I would like to share with you a fellow seekers very first experience in the Astral realm.  This man is a friend of mine and we both share a love of Poetry and it’s innate potential.  He is a fine poet/writer and we share a creative work-station at where his poetry is available for your perusal.  His name is Devon LaPorte………….and these are his words:
“I recall an amazing moment in my life when the inexplicable happened to me most unexpectedly.  I was in my bedroom at night around 10 or 11 pm, 2005 or 2006……I was 18 or 19 years old at the time.  I lay down, eyes open, staring at my T.V. and I was deep in thought as sleep began to take me.  What I remember from that moment because, between awareness and sleep things seem to happen VERY fast and it becomes difficult to take everything in, and so I find myself looking through

astral projection3(what I call my dream state eyes) at myself sleeping.  Well, this set me off (freaked me out!)  I struggled to wake up but there was a force that feltlike it was holding me down and I could not wake up.  For a few panic stricken seconds I felt keenly aware that I was NOT alone and then suddenly, and in a COLD sweat, my eyes opened and I sat up in bed, completely disturbed and studying the darkness of my room.  What happened to me that night (some 10 years ago) I brushed off as some crazy dream and at first I thought something evil had happened to me.  It wasn’t until I saw that movie “Insidious” that my attention became so profoundly motivated that I immediately began researching “Astral Projection” & while reading some other people’s experiences that I became convinced that it was definitely what had happened to me, that the feeling of being held down was my souls separation from my body.  NONE of this is made up.  It ALL really happened & I will NEVER forget it……I have yet to experience anything like that again…….your friend  Devon LaPorte”
Devon’s experience was so profound that he was motivated enough to share this with us all here…..10 years later ~ Astral Projection is an ability that ALL human beings possess and it can be developed and manipulated to EXTRAORDINARY ends ~ the fact that Mr. LaPorte still recalls it in such great detail is indicative of millions of experiences occurring daily ~ the world over…..The human mind is evolving many times faster than technology ~ just ask my friend ~ Devon LaPorte ~  the mind is a powerful and untapped portion of God’s magnificence………I am Dartanion2……and that’s the way I see it!